søndag den 12. februar 2012

Food Lovin'

So I just want to show you guys (food lovers out there) What we had for dinner this weekend while we were away.
I have to say that its a first that we've been this healthy while being away - Im so proud :P

Friday... damped Salmon in White wine with potatoes and veggies.
This was a dish were I kinda experimented with it all cause half of the stuff I thought was in the house was not there lol, so I thought hey what would happen if I threw a bit of this and that in - and it turned out fantabulous 

Saturday was pesto pasta with salad and grilled mushrooms... so freaking yummy...

I hope you guys had a great awesomely weekend =D Im already looking forward to the next lol


4 kommentarer:

  1. ooh they look so yummy and healthy at the same time.
    i want someone to cook for me desperately..my SO cooks very well if he wants to, but he mainly goes for heavy stuff and bomb my little kitchen after. *sigh*

    1. Haha yeah just like my boyfriend.. thats why i did the cooking ;)

  2. Yum, looks soooo good!!!!
    You just inspired me for a delicious meal this week :)