onsdag den 26. juni 2013

Whassup wednesday: A quick update

Hey guys.

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but a lot has happened (I feel like that is always the excuse). As you know I've moved to a new city and have been living here for almost a month. It has really been great getting new furniture, settling in and discover amazing stuff.
But this month has also been tough cause I started having a bad toothache when we moved here, so I went to the dentist, and he said I had to have a root canal treatment. Well it's been a month this week and he still hasn't closed my tooth and it hurts so bad, therfore I haven't been posting wednesday workouts like I normally do. Everytime I do something and the blood is pumping, it hurts like a b****
But I promise I will be back with workout posts as soon as I can. I really do try my best, but I am not going to post a workout routines unless I will be able to do it myself, I hope you guys understand.

On another note, I think I know what I want to be (when I grow up lol), and now I just have to steer my way through it.
I thought about an education in multimedia graphics. I love to draw and be creative, so why not take the chance right? The sad part is that it is too late to apply so I am looking for jobs at the moment, and that kinda sucks because not a lot of people are hiring.
I am thinking about selling some drawings of mine, making stickers etc. I started an Etsy shop, but I haven't put anything up yet, I want to make sure it's the right site for me to sell my stuff on.

Sorry for my little rant :)

I hope you guys understand


mandag den 24. juni 2013

Motivation monday: Workout playlist

I thought it would be a cool thing to share some of the songs that I am listening to at the moment, when I am working out. I love creeping around peoples playlists and get inspiration for mine, So if you guys have any suggestions please feel free to share them with me and others.

Robin Thick - Blurred Lines. I cannot get this song out of my head, so of course it's on my list.

Simple Plan - Take my hand. GREAT running song. This one always pushes me a bit further.

Alina Devecerski: Flytta på dej

Fall out boy: My songs know what you did in the dark (light em up). This song is so good

Five: Everbody get up. Oldie but a goodie. This song always make me feel like a bad ass

Faber drive: G-Get up and dance

Sugababes: Get Sexy

Marina and the diamonds: How to be a heartbreaker. This song is amazing

Cher Lloyd: Want you back

We the kings: Party, fun, love & radio. I am in love with this song

So there you guys have it. 10 work out songs, that keeps me going. I have a ton more somgs, but If I had to put them all on here it would be an extremely long blog.

Have a great week guys, and stay motivated


lørdag den 22. juni 2013

Hey girl...

No words needed

Have a great weekend


onsdag den 19. juni 2013

Wednesday review : Sunglassesshop

First of let me start by saying This is NOT a sponsored post, I write this because I really enjoyed their service and how nice they are.

I have been looking at sunglasses for a very long time, but somehow I never really got around to buy some good ones. I have really sensitive eyes, and the sun can really ruin my day on those really bright days (I have moebius syndrome), so sunglasses with poloride is a must for me. My boyfriend kept rambling about www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk and that I have to look there, because they have so much, and it is cheaper than what it cost in Denmark, so I looked and I fell in love so badly with these bad boys

I couldn't figure out if you get these with poloride so I wrote to customer service, and they were so nice to explain everything to me. 
Unfortunately these weren't with poloride, so I ended up getting the über famous black ray-ban wayfarer ones. I ordered my sunglasses and after a few days I had them. I orded them up to a weekend, so it took some ekstra time, because the danish postal service sucks lol
When I received the package, you could see that it was very neatly packed, and that made me happy, because then you know it is quality that you are buying.

 photo foto12_zps7deb2285.jpg
This was how it looked

 photo foto14_zps57bc5856.jpg
So neatly packed


  • If it is your first time ordering, you get a 10% discount... that is a SCORE!!! I used it and saved a bit. 
  • You get free delivery which is pretty awesome. 
  • Customer Service are super friendly
  • You can buy designer brands like Ray-Ban, Chanel & Oakley
  • You can see what all those famous people are wearing, and get inspired
 photo foto13_zps6a840868.jpg
I love my new sunnies

I honestly couldn't be more happy for my sunnies, and I swear I would not recommend this company if it was crap or if I was treated poorly. I might just have to buy those turquoise green ones or write them on my wishlist for my birthday next month :P

What are your favorite pair of sunglasses?


torsdag den 13. juni 2013

Thursday thoughts #7


Oh summer where did you go? Why didn't you do your fancy karate moves and kick the rain and wind somewhere else? I want to feel the warm rays on my skin, wear shorts and be happy


Why must it be so hard applying for jobs? At this point I am kinda feeling depressed and useless. I am doing everything I can, and applying for everything I can. These economic times are hard. If anyone has a job let me know lol


On a rainy day, you are my best friend. We go together like pancakes and strawberry jam... Mmmm pancakes


You are the best thing that arrives in spring and last throughout summer. Oh you I filling my tummy up good :P You have to get the strawberry kind, cause that is the best.

I hope you guys are having a great Thursday.


mandag den 10. juni 2013

Summer fashion for plus size women 2013

You don't have to be skinny just to feel beautiful. I used to be a big plus size girl, and I honestly didn't know how to dress. I thought having curves meant that you should be hiding them, not be proud of them.
Well I say to hell with it, and flaunt what you got ;)
So here is something I think is nice.

I honestly had a really hard time finding some good pictures. It's a shame that the fashion for curvy women are way behind the size 0 fashion.

I'll leave you with a great quote


Disclamer: Pictures found on google

onsdag den 5. juni 2013

Wednesday workout #2 ARMS & ABS

Hello guys

I hope the week is treating you well so far, and that you are enjoying the summer.
I thought I would bring back wednesday workout for you :)
After following other fitness freaks I found out they all follow some kind of schedule like abs one day, legs the other and so on. So... therefore I tried it myself (kinda failed, but it's okay). I started monday with doing abs, but somehow I just wasn't feeling it so I didn't do as much as I wanted. Then yesterday I decided to do abs again and the incorporate an arm workout. My arms are so weak, so I have decided to do something about it... starting out slowly of course, otherwise my arms would die completely O.o

Heres what I did yesterday:

(3 times)

(1 time - my abs were burning after this one)

(1 time)

(3 times)

Later on I went for a 30 min powerwalk

Today (wednesday) I am feeling it in my abs.. The fat is crying and dying lol
Later on I will work on my booty... Or maybe just go steal it from J.LO ;)

Have a nice day

mandag den 3. juni 2013

Monday motivation - Celeb edition

You probably think you are the only one struggling with weight and how you should look and so on... WORNG! Everyone in this cool little world has thoughts like that, even celebrities.
Something that is motivating for me is seeing someone I look up too, fighting and doing something about it whatever it is (In this case it is health/fit), and that really inspires me to keep going.

So I thought why not have a Motivation Monday - Celeb Edition

Ashley Tisdale
Jennifer Aniston
Gwen Stefani
Holly Madison
Miranda Kerr 
Britney Spears
Kate Hudson
Jessica Biel

I hope you guys are having a great week :D

Remember to smile 


Disclamer: Pictures from google.com

søndag den 2. juni 2013

Moving + apartment tour

Hey guys 
Sorry I haven't been the big blogger lately, this whole moving thing got to me way more than I thought.
I am going to start to do more fitness posts and so on.. I even thought about making a bit more videos for you guys... What do you think?

Most of our furnitures (from the old place) was thrown out, so my bf and I bought a bunch of stuff from Ikea that we had to put together. There are still a lot of moving boxes and messy bags around me, but not as much as there are on the video :)

I hope this new week will be kick ass for you guys.