tirsdag den 30. august 2011

Tuesday thoughts

So basically this post is just about me and my thoughts... this one is gonna be a quickie.

Im thinking about changing my blogger layout, but Im not sure yet.
I thought about doing a banner and stuff but still keep it simple.
I think I have one of those days were I really can't make a decisions hehe

Oh and im also thinking about making more youtube videos, and no its not about make up, cause lets face it a 4 year old is better than me haha

Anyways what do you guys think?

Happy tuesday

mandag den 29. august 2011

2011 Vma's best outfits

I have yet to watch the 2011 Mtv video music award, but have been glued to all the gossip sites this morning to look at outfits.
This is some of my favorite ones.

I like how Jojo dares to be different. I don't think I would wear it out, but for a show like that it's perfect

Selena Gomez - I like that this is a bit edgy

Zoe Saldana 

Demi Lovato - This dress fits her perfectly

Demi & Selena

Beyoncé Knowles - How beautiful is she here, you can so see the glow

Britney Spears. She is looking really pretty and happy here - the only thing I dislike is her shoes

Katy Perry. She is not afraid to show who she is and I LOVE it

Taylor Lautner... He is looking FINE

Did you guys see the vma's?


søndag den 28. august 2011

My new babies

I have always love Chuck Taylor all star converse shoes (pheww long name), and have had a couple of them, and a lot of fakes. The originals has always been worn till they were completely dead with big holes and you name it... The shoes are pretty pricey here in Denmark so when you have them you USE them.
Well today I finally got myself a new pair of chucks... they were on sale and my bf talked me into getting them, and the best part is that they are purple

it was instant love when I saw them haha

Other then that the weekend has been nice and quiet.. been playing a computer game (rift), drawing and writing.
Oh exciting news I get my first elf package tomorrow yay

Hope you had a great weekend

lørdag den 27. august 2011

Horrible bosses review

So as a lot of you may have read me and the bf went to see horrible bosses yesterday, and I must say I was positively surprised. 
I kinda had this feeling it was gonna suck, cause the last couple of movies I've watched with Jennifer Aniston hasn't been THAT good... but oh wow

Short and clear its basically is about three dudes that hates their bosses (picture above) and tries to kill them and then things get all screwed up. I laughed a lot during this movie and the bloopers at the end was like the cherrie on top.

My fave scene was this one below - cause that is basically me and I don't even use the funny stuff... I laughed so hard

If you haven't seen the movie I definitely recommend it

Hope you guys are having a great saturday


50 % off on elf

That is if you live in Denmark.. yeah I ordered a lot and my wallet now hates me

fredag den 26. august 2011

Brad Pitt is a pervert

Tonight my boyfriend and I had a date night. 
Homemade dinner and a trip to the movies to see Horrible bosses. 
You may think well why are you on the computer now then? well to answer that question... its because the bf decided he wanted to play on the computer after we got home. He's not a tech freak for nothing I guess haha

Anyways the food was amazing (read blog post here) and the movie was really good. I might do a review on that later

When we left there was the prettiest sunset ever, the picture does not do it justice at all

Then we got our tickets to see the movie

Then I had to pee, and jeez Brad Pitt is a pervert.. he is watching me pee... I can honestly say I had performance anxiety HAHA
But honestly its cool toilets.. there were doors with Will Smith and Bruce Willies and some other dudes I can't remember.

I tried to take a picture inside the movie theater but my iphone camera wouldn't focus and it looked like some drunk person took the picture.

before we got home we made a small stop at our local 7 eleven 

Hope you guys are having a great evening =D


FOTE #2 + Horrible bosses

Yay for cheat days when you are on a diet =D
Tonight my bf made a home made pizza. mmmmm it was really good. We tried different ingredients this time (organic), instead of what we usually do.
I've been feeling a bit sick today so I did not think I would be able to eat it but om nom when I tasted the first bite I was in heaven haha

In an hour I will be going to the movies to see Horrible bosses

Can't wait.. I'll let you know what I think =D

Hope you guys are doing good and yay for the weekend =D


onsdag den 24. august 2011

Wishlist wednesday

So here is another wishlist wednesday, cause I didn't really had anything else to blog about to day lol


2. High waisted skirts
I think they are so pretty on some girls

3. Some nice new gym clothes

4. new chucks
My favorite shoe

5. I wish my elf package would arrive NOW

hope your wednesday is treating you well =D


tirsdag den 23. august 2011

A few pictures of my day

So I thought I wanted to make a blog about how my day was but oh how I forgot to take a lot of pictures, so I hope you guys can make do with this.

I did take a picture of me this morning but I look SCARY so i decided not to post it haha

A foggy morning... I like how creepy it looks

My work desk for the day. I had to test stuff today... super boring

Me at the gym after work... no make up so sorry if I scared you away O.o

grocery shopping with my bf

my delicious healthy smoothie

and that is what I have.. hope you guys liked it.

Hope you are having a great day

- Mie

lørdag den 20. august 2011


FOTE = food of the evening 
yeah I wanted to try something different and go with the food of the day instead of outfit, nail polish or makeup of the day

So here it is
"wok" with rice, lots of vegetables and curry sauce.
Today is my cheat day so this is my food.. not that bad huh
Keep in mind Im not a good cook =)


Songs stuck in my head

We all know it and we all've tried it - stupid songs that just keeps popping up lol
I thought I wanted to share some of mine since I had one of these stuck in my head today. I have a few more but this is it for now :D

Madagascar - I like to move it.
This one is so bad having stuck up there... this is the one that visit me the most haha

Its usually the danish version thats stuck in my head but I couldn't find it. The odd thing is that I haven't seen this cartoon since I was little and I still remember the song

Heath ledger - Can't take my eyes off you
I know there is a lot of version out there but this is my favorite, next up is muse's version =D

Rascal flatts - Life is a highway
This is a newcomer... I heard it on the radio and I didn't know who it was that was singing it and I kept on singing all night looong, over and over again. I asked my boyfriend if he knew the song ( again I only remembered all night long) and he looked at me if I was a total idiot haha... after a week or so it came on the radio again and I finally figured it out... so every time all night long in the chorus comes on I am so the loudest in the room

Have a happy saturday


fredag den 19. august 2011

Nivea aqua Sensation

Yesterday I bought the Nivea aqua sensation day and night cream for dry skin, for the gift card I got on my birthday. They had a sale on these babies and I needed something for my skin.
My skin is very dry and very VERY sensitive so buying cream is NOT my fave thing to do... honestly I hate it cause I've bought so many things I can't use.
I've only used the night cream so far (had an argument with the day cream this morning - me and early mornings don't mix well), and I must say I am really pleased with it... It really does keep your skin hydrated and fresh, I even felt it when I woke up. I was a bit afraid I was gonna break out, but nothing so far
So if you are looking for something for dry skin, I can recommend this

Enjoy your weekend :D


onsdag den 17. august 2011

The sweetest gift ever

Not so long ago (a few hours ago to be exact) I got the sweetest and cutest belated birthday gift that you could only wish for.
What is better on a boring wednesday than this

A lovely birthday card thing on danish 

Intensiv Shea handcream

Salt soap thingy with clay

Aroma bath salt

Aroma rose massage oil

I am so looking forward to be using this, in one of these upcoming weekends - pure relaxing weekend.
Oh and the basket the stuff was in was really nice to, I am so gonna find use for that later on ;)
Thanks to Helene, Lucas, moster & onkel Peter (my family)

Have a nice wednesday 

Much love

mandag den 15. august 2011

Monday mini haul

Just a little mini haul of what I bought today at my local pusher haha okay cd store/dvd store guy
They had a sale where you could save 50 % on all used items and 30 % on new items.
I had to work today so when I finally got to the store most of the good stuff were gone, so this is what I got

Alanis Morisette  - jagged little pill piano book

A pizza book for my boyfriend because he loves pizza haha

Season 3 of Gilmore girls

Season 5 of Gilmore girls

Hope your monday is treating you well