fredag den 26. august 2011

Brad Pitt is a pervert

Tonight my boyfriend and I had a date night. 
Homemade dinner and a trip to the movies to see Horrible bosses. 
You may think well why are you on the computer now then? well to answer that question... its because the bf decided he wanted to play on the computer after we got home. He's not a tech freak for nothing I guess haha

Anyways the food was amazing (read blog post here) and the movie was really good. I might do a review on that later

When we left there was the prettiest sunset ever, the picture does not do it justice at all

Then we got our tickets to see the movie

Then I had to pee, and jeez Brad Pitt is a pervert.. he is watching me pee... I can honestly say I had performance anxiety HAHA
But honestly its cool toilets.. there were doors with Will Smith and Bruce Willies and some other dudes I can't remember.

I tried to take a picture inside the movie theater but my iphone camera wouldn't focus and it looked like some drunk person took the picture.

before we got home we made a small stop at our local 7 eleven 

Hope you guys are having a great evening =D


7 kommentarer:

  1. Haha that is such a good title for the post, I was like what the heck!? That's pretty cool!
    And weird I had no idea sev was wayy over there in the world :)
    I really liked horrible bosses too, it was pretty funny!!!

  2. haha yeah I was actually laughing when I wrote that

    Oh trust me we have A LOT of seven eleven'er here, especially in copenhagen

  3. aww sounds like an amazing time with the bf..
    and the celebrity doors quite cool :P :)
    when i read the title i as like oh my what happened? lol

  4. It was amazing... im a lucky girl =D
    Haha yeah the title is pretty funny

  5. Hahah I love the post title! Sounds like a lovely date-night :). The toilet doors sound really cool too!x

  6. cute cute cute :')
    I still have yet to see horrible bosses.... is it any good?