søndag den 20. juni 2010

Picnic by the beach

Hiya everyone

Sorry I've been slacking on blogging - Sorry...
I went to go see my boyfriend, who lives on the other side of the country so we kinda spend the time together making up for lost time. Im still here with him but found some time just to write and say hi. Im actually gonna move in with him next month so if im not writing that much I think im excused, but I will not forget to check in once in a while... even with health tips, tricks and experiences and maybe even recipes if you want to. If there is something specific you guys want to know about then leave it in the comments below =D
Anyways, yesterday the boyfriend introduced me to some of his old class mates, it was actually okay. It was a nice evening out with a lot of catching up from everyone else side. But to be honest there was a couple of times where I felt younger than everyone else, I do have to say that my boyfriend is about 10 years older than I am, so I think im allowed to feel that once in a while ;)
Today I surprised my guy with a picnic near the beach. Our first thought was getting close to the water, but it was a bit windy so we decided to find a deserted spot much higher up, looking down on the beach... it was really relaxing
The food was good and the weather was actually nice (its been cloudy, cold and rainy these last couple of days).
We got home pretty late from there, and now we're just enjoying what is left of this day.

Take care

mandag den 14. juni 2010

Random rambles

Hi everyone in Blogsville :D

So this is just a little random blog. Maybe some of you have noticed that my layout on this blog has changed and that is because I wanted something a bit more summery, just for now. I got a bit of help since Im kinda lacking in that department haha..
So yesterdays exercise was a "long" walk with my cousin around the city and it was really nice and relaxing and we just talked about a lot of things. We both have been caught up in our own little world and haven't made that much time for each other - a shame really.
Anyways we walked to this concert venue and it was just the best feeling cause it
reminded me of back in the days when we were inseparable and would spend most of our days together...
Well things change and people change, but at least we still try to spend time together when we can.
Anyways after vega we went over to a park were we sat and talked for a bit.. it was nice and the weather was actually okay.
It all just got me thinking that you have to treasure those moments you have with your loved ones because you never know when they are gonna be over.
So with all said and done.. find someone you haven't talked to in a while or called someone you miss and say hey wanna go for a walk? go out and enjoy the weather and be happy!

Much love

søndag den 13. juni 2010

What's up with the fruit?

So what is the deal with fruit?
Some people love it, others can't stand it and others find it good but not as the first choice... I personally love fruit.

Anyways how should you deal with fruit when you're trying to lose weight?
Fruit is good for you and goes under the food category greens or fruit & vegetables. It is recommended that you eat 600 g a day or 6 a day as those wise (wo)men says, but this is the part where a lot of people gets confused including me at first.
When I first read 600 g I thought well okay then let me find some bananas, some apples or whatever... I thought I could get my daily g in fruit instead of vegetables. Not that I don't like them I just didn't really bother making dinner for just one person (me) at the time, so fruit or something would do it for me.
Oh well... then I discovered (learned) that, that was actually not that good and it is "recommended" that out of the 600 g you eat about 200 - 300g should be fruit and the rest is vegetables..
With that being said I have to be honest I still don't always follow it cause Im that big a sucker for fruit... but then again I once used to be "addicted" to chocolate so loving fruit instead is that really that bad?
There is still the fruit sugar you have to think about, but I don't think that is THAT BIG of a problem if you are a healthy person and you get some sort of exercise ..
But if you're trying to lose weight you definitely should follow the food recommendations even the not sot visible ones