torsdag den 26. juli 2012

My ab/core routine

Hey lovelies hope you are doing good.
Sorry for the lack of blogs these last couple of days but google chrome is totally screwing blogger up for me and I thought it would be cleared by now but its not, so now im back using safari.

Anywhoozle on to what this blog is about ABS!
I don't do this routine all the time cause I like to switch things up, but here are what I have been doing this week.

I started off this morning with a run for about 40 minutes on the beach

later I did this:

Do this video 3 times

Do this video 1 time

Do this video 3 times

Do this video 1 time

The best thing is that you can do all these videos at home with limited space.

I hope you guys are doing good and are staying motivated :)

Xoxo Mie

tirsdag den 24. juli 2012


I guess I should start of by saying: Don't judge a book by its cover!
I was really sceptic when I bought this nail polish, I only bought it because I really wanted that color and it was the last one standing there, but oh wow am I surprised.

For the low cost of this polish you kinda expect a quality thereafter, but that is not the case with this nail polish (I haven't tried other wet n wild polishes so cant speak for them).
The formula is great, the color is amazing and for me it doesn't chip off that easily (However I do use a base & top coat), I honestly didn't need more than two coats and if you are good at putting polish on you only need one... Oh and btw it dries fast, and that is a good thing cause I am an expert in having to redo my nails cause I have to pick on something

However there is one thing I don't like about this polish and that is the brush. My nails are small and the brush is kinda big so it was way too easy for me to make a mess and therefore had some cleaning up to do afterwards.

I will be repurchasing this product :)

I hope you guys are doing great

Xoxo Mie

søndag den 22. juli 2012


I wouldn't call myself a big elvis fan but I did name my beloved guitar after the man himself.
I talked my bf into joining me on a little roadtrip to Randers where the danish Graceland is located.
The house is inspired by Elvis' house Graceland and is filled with original stuff and collectible items, and I read that a lot of events takes place there as well (concerts etc...)
It was to be honest smaller than I had imagined, however I did enjoy the museum and thought it was cool (and funny) to see what kind of clothes was cool back then.
He was a great man/star and im sure if he still was on this earth he would be even bigger.

Here is my little vlog about it :D

Have you guys been to the original graceland?
I hope you guys are enjoying your sunday

Xoxo Mie

lørdag den 21. juli 2012


Yesterday (friday) the bf and I drove to a very little city called Vorbasse.. far out in the nothingness.
Every year they hold a huge market where you can buy all sorts of crap and stuff a person really dont need but you kinda end up buying things anyway.
I was a good girl and didn't buy anything for myself, but did however buy a really cool african wood mask for my mother in law... I have to be honest I did spend some money trying to win 2 kg chocolate, I did not win and left as a sad panda lol
There was one thing did I really wanted to take home.. Not only do they sell crap stuff but the also sell animals (dogs, rabbits, cats and stuff), and there was the cutest little puppy that they let me pet that I wanted take home right there on the spot. Oh my heart cried when I left that place lol

I kinda forgot to take pictures so I only have a little to show you and then I borrowed some from google.

Borrowed from google (aka my best friend)

It is THAT huge

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend

Xoxo Mie

fredag den 20. juli 2012


1. Green tea: I cannot live without this wonder tea. Not only is it ridiculously good for your body and health it also taste good. I could preach about this forever

2.My new sweater from Puma: You can see it in my little haul here. Been wearing it ever since.

3. Candles: It has been raining a lot this summer and with rain comes darkness. Thank goddness I have a bf that loves candles just as much as I do - It just makes it all more cosy.

4. Watermelon: I've been craving watermelon like an insane person.. it is just THAT good

5. Wet n wild -  I need a refresh-mint nailpolish: Review will come of this little beauty, but I can tell you this... LOVE the color.

What are some of your friday favorites?

Xoxo Mie

torsdag den 19. juli 2012


So I finally got around to upload a clip from the simple plan concert a while back.
The song is summer paradise (it fits pretty well)

If you like then comment, subscribe and like it :D

Xoxo Mie


School: Its been forever since I have last been in school, and I am kinda starting to get nervous now that its less than a month till I start. I have always been a loner for some reason (probably because im a quiet girl), so yeah I hope it turns out good :)

Vacation: This vacation to be honest is not gonna be on my top 5 to remember, nothing has gone as planed. My bf and I was supposed to go camping this summer but the weather has been so bad it is ridiculous. The plan was to travel around denmark and see a lot of stuff and then blog it to you guys but oh well maybe next year?

Getting old: Next sunday I am turning 25... I honestly dont know how I feel about that... I dont feel like im 25, more like 23 or something. I guess its true that time runs fast and we have to make every minute count before its all over.

Nike fuelband: This is such a cool gadget - a must have if you are a fitness freak. Unfortunately you cant buy it in denmark yet, but as soon as it hits stores I will be there.

Love: Love these days are great.. Is it even possible that you can love someone even more almost 3 years after we begun dating? I am not gonna jinx it so I wont write more about that ;)

I am gonna leave you guys with this little quote

xoxo Mie

onsdag den 18. juli 2012


It's been ages since I wrote a wishlist wednesday blog so I thought I would go ahead and make one.

1. fitness pants/running pants
The ones I have are so old and I cant keep them up when im running lol, the thing is I am very hard to please when it comes to fitness pants so I havent found the ones I really want

 I am finally on vacation and its been raining and cloudy and a bit windy.. I dont need a heat wave I just want a little bit of sun thanks :)

3. SLR Camera 
I've been wanting one of these bad boys for many years now but they are just way too expensive.

What is on your wishlist this wednesday?

Xoxo Mie