lørdag den 10. januar 2015

Tom Ford - New glasses yay

Hi guys...
I hope you guys are doing great, and have started the weekend off good. 
So I just wanted to make a quick blogpost about my new glasses yay. 
I never had any before, but I knew I had pretty bad eyesight. Somehow I have always felt embarrased that I need glasses, so when I was younger i memorized the charts they use with all the letters on, but my eyesight has gone just a little worse as I have gotten older, so I thought it was time to suck it up and fuck what everyone else thought of me.
When I got to the store I was a bit scared, and didn't really know what I was looking for, but the women who work there were so sweet to me. They guided me on what they thought would look good on me, and answered all of my stupid questions. My choice of glasses went on Tom Ford. It honestly wasn't the plan (Originally I wanted Ray-ban), but once I tried them on I was in love.

I have had my glasses for almost a week now, and I LOVE them. I  honestly feel like it's a new world I'm seeing haha. They dont hurt my face and they are really pretty.

Until next time,


fredag den 2. januar 2015

Dress like Khloe Kardashian

Hi guys

So I am already back with a new post... I know what is wrong with me haha.
Well i just wanted to share a little info with you guys. 
I secretly love the Kardashians and when I saw that one of my favorite online shops had a dress inspired by Khloe I had to buy it.

The dress is originally an Alexander McQueen dress, but found a pretty good looking copy at Missmartins.dk (FYI not a sponsored post - even though they should cause i love their clothes haha)
She was wearing the dress at a London event.

You can buy the dress here 

Anyways that is enough for me today

Until next time,


Pictures borrowed from google

Back :*

Hi guys

I have been thinking for a long time to bring this blog back. I'm still not completely sure that this is the place for me to do it, but I'm going to give it a chance since this blog has a few views on its back.
Last year was a very emotional year for me (mostly on the bad side) and thats why I didn't feel like I had the time and energy to keep this blog up to date.

2015 is now finally here and I want to do my best to make it one of the best years ever, and I hope you guys feel the same way.

Now I have to figure out some redesign for my blog cause its old and a little bit boring ;) haha

until next time,


lørdag den 28. december 2013

Highlights of 2013

So I saw a post like this and I kinda had to steal the idea and make a post myself, so it here it goes.... these are the highlights of my year.

  • In marts I went to Belgium on a study trip with my school. It was fun and I loved seeing everything Belgium had to offer, and oh boy their chocolates Mmmm Mmmm
    The downside of the trip was that it was so freaking cold you would not believe it.

 photo IMG_0042_zpsf6992253.jpg

 photo IMG_0291_zps43cf0058.jpg

  • In april the trip went to Paris. The city I've always dreamt of visiting. And as a bonus my cousin and I saw Onerepublic in concert. It was the best trip ever.
 photo IMG_2074_zpsf6897535.jpg

 photo IMG_3657_zpsc9dcb878.jpg

 photo IMG_0446_zps20417354.jpg

  • Then in June I moved to a different city. Around 2 hours drive from the one I used to live in


  • Then in October I started on a new "artsy" school
  • And then in november the best thing happend... I became an aunt to a beautiful little girl

And that is it for this year :D

Next year I can promise will be just as exciting, but I can't really talk about that yet.
Oh but I will see Onerepublic again next year + Ellie Goulding :D

what are some of your favorite moments from 2013?

torsdag den 29. august 2013


Okay so I am so behind on all this girly stuff (LOL), and just found out today that OPI is going to have (or does have?) a Mariah Carey christmas collection. Now in my mind nothing says christmas like Mariah Carey because of her wonderful songs, so this is just the icing on the cake.

The colors are gorgeous, and I really hope I will be able to buy them here in Denmark.

Oh Mariah, you surely know how to put me in a Christmas mood

What do you guys think of the colors?
And would you guys buy them?


Disclamer: Pictures are from Google.com