tirsdag den 26. februar 2013

Britney spears - Blonde vs brunette

I was so excited to see the Oscars, the dresses and all the big fails, but one thing that caught my eye was Britney Spears' new hair color.
She first debuted her new locks at Elton Johns viewing party, and wow I was amazed. She looks AMAZING.
I love the brown color on her, and to me she looks young again.
So here is the question. Blonde or brunette? what do you guys prefer?

Here are the new pictures, in case you haven't seen them

Xoxo Mie

tirsdag den 19. februar 2013

Girl crush - Lucy Hale

Lucy hale is known from the tv series Pretty Little Liars. I just started watching the show and I love it. I know im slow but hey, better late than never right?
I love Aria's (lucy Hale) style in this show... I so need to wear dresses again
Have you guys seen the show?, and what do you think about it?

tirsdag den 12. februar 2013

Vive la france

Can you guys tell that I am excited to go to Paris? LOL
This drawing took a couple of days to do, and it pretty much sums it all up :P
I am so happy to be back on the drawing train again. I am filled with inspiration, that just needs to get out.
I also made a new gamer video about a game called Forsaken world. It is free and very easy to play. I really enjoy playing this game.
I did have some problems uploading this video, cause every time I was close to being finished the whole thing froze :/ 
But yeah I finally got it up.

It is so nice having a winter break. Finally I can just de-stress before all the madness starts. 
Next month I am going on a study trip, and it is also my bf's birthday.
April: I am going to have to take some pre exam tests (so nervous for that), then I am visiting PARIS!
May: I have hardcore studying for the exams
June: The deadly exams - Dun dun duun duuuuun
July: possibly moving to a new city

Phew I am already tired in my head, but I can't wait to experience all the good things there are yet to come

I hope your week is fantastic

Xoxo Mie

lørdag den 9. februar 2013

Sassy saturday - Pictures from my week

Hallo all you beautiful bloggers.
I have been neglecting my blog really badly, and I am so sorry.
I have ben so busy with school and homework, that my mind wasn't really on blogging.
I had to make two dokumentations for different classes to see if I was good enough to pass the level I was on, and move on up to the last (highest) level there is. I passed yay :D
I was so stressed to the point that I wasn't sleeping well. I would wake up 10 times just to see if I slept over :s Not fun
Thank god for weekend, and for winter break ;)
Have a nice weekend
Xoxo Mie

Finally sleeping well

One of my new years resolutions is to draw more, and be better at it. I bought these Stabilo  pens
I made my first drawing with the pens. Not satisfied, cause I used the wrong paper 
Then I met this adorable little guy named Ben.  It was instant love, he is such a sweetheart. I can't wait till I can have a dog again.
I've been a good gym rat this week :)
Finally weekend, and this morning I actually enjoyed seeing the sun rising
Today has been chilled. I have ben looking at some new pens I really want to buy. They make all the difference.
oh and I have been editing video again :D

mandag den 4. februar 2013

Beyoncé Super Bowl Performance

I am not the biggest Beyoné fan, but OMG that performance was FIERCE!!!! If this is the show she offers when she going on her world tour, then I have to go. Oh and BOOM out of nothing, the rest of the Destiny's child girls were on stage singing. I have no words this is just amazing, you guys have to see for yourself

What do you guys think?

Xoxo Mie

lørdag den 2. februar 2013


What a great saturday, and what a great start to this year.
I found out not so long ago that I was eligible to be a youtube partner. I am so excited cause I have been working hard on my videos, so seeing it "pay off" is an reward in itself.
I know a lot of people want to become partner so they can make money... I know I am not big enough to do that, but maybe someday I will be able to do what I love and make a living out of it. Right now I am seeing this partnership as an opportunity to be even more creative :)
It would mean a lot if you awesome guys would subscribe to my channel. After all we are all here to help each other right? 

Oh how I just can't stop smiling

Have a nice weekend guys

Xoxo Mie