tirsdag den 12. februar 2013

Vive la france

Can you guys tell that I am excited to go to Paris? LOL
This drawing took a couple of days to do, and it pretty much sums it all up :P
I am so happy to be back on the drawing train again. I am filled with inspiration, that just needs to get out.
I also made a new gamer video about a game called Forsaken world. It is free and very easy to play. I really enjoy playing this game.
I did have some problems uploading this video, cause every time I was close to being finished the whole thing froze :/ 
But yeah I finally got it up.

It is so nice having a winter break. Finally I can just de-stress before all the madness starts. 
Next month I am going on a study trip, and it is also my bf's birthday.
April: I am going to have to take some pre exam tests (so nervous for that), then I am visiting PARIS!
May: I have hardcore studying for the exams
June: The deadly exams - Dun dun duun duuuuun
July: possibly moving to a new city

Phew I am already tired in my head, but I can't wait to experience all the good things there are yet to come

I hope your week is fantastic

Xoxo Mie

4 kommentarer:

  1. wow , am jealous of you , lucky girl , have there as much as you could ,

    am following you now , wanna follow me back 2 ?


  2. wow i dont know what so say ;) :D cool!

    maybe we can follow each other? let me know dear, i will follow back ;)

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