tirsdag den 31. august 2010

Food inspirations

Hello hello
So yesterday I made some yummy easy dinner and thought you might like to se a pic for inspiration. It's kinda a different version of pita bread with salad/toppings... honestly everything is healthy on that plate except the bread... My guy and I didn't have that much money so we used what we had in the fridge.. but if you change the white bread with some sort of healthy bread it would be awesome... 
If you guys want the "recipe" let me know and I will write it down for you :) oh and let me know if you want other ideas for dinner :)

Have a great evening/morning (depends on where you are lol)

Love always, Mie                                                                                        

søndag den 29. august 2010

random random

Just a small clip of my boyfriend singing in the car while driving... it's nice to have someone you can laugh with

On another note... I was out working out yesterday, and I did some "special" squats and all of the sudden my knee wasn't feeling it, so I ended up flat on the road crying and couldn't get up.. I called my boyfriend and he came and helped me get up and home safely.
But as you probably guess there was no working out for me today... I can't even walk so yeah..
Anyways my guy was truly amazing yesterday... I never (and I do mean never) had anyone take care of me like he did... 
Oh and btw look at this awesome homemade burger and fries he made for us.

Anyways that is it for today
Hope you guys are good and enjoying your sunday :)

Love, Mie

fredag den 27. august 2010

power to the music

Hola people 

Hope you're all doing great out there.
So do you guys ever feel like music is sometimes the only thing that kicks your butt out of the door and over to the gym/or outside working out... to be honest it does with me.
It has been proved that music makes you perform better when you're working out... running for 10 more mins or doing squats, jump rope or what ever it may be. 
So my suggestion is, that even though its starting to be a bit grey outside, fill your ipod, mp3, iphone or whatever you have with awesome music that YOU like and that will inspire you to push it a bit more and go for run or something that makes you active.

Im gonna share some of my songs that Im listening to at the moment that inspires me (I have to say that I only listen to these song when Im working out :) )

Katy perry - Teenage dream (just look at those abs when she is in those skinny jeans)

Selena Gomez & The scene - Naturally

Flipsyde - When it was good

Miley cyrus - Can't be tamed (love the beat of this song)

David Guetta - Getting over you (amazing song, that always pumps me up)

So I hope this gave you some ideas... I could easily fit a gazillion song on here but that would be a very long blog post ;)
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Love always, Mie

fredag den 20. august 2010

The 8 food advice (from Denmark)

Hello everyone... I hope you guys are good and doing great.
So today I wanna talk about the 8 food advices we have here in Denmark (don't know if they apply the rest of the big great world sorry), I know it's boring but trust me they work.
I do have to point out that when you follow these 8 steps you're NOT gonna loose weight, but instead maintain that healthy figure you have ;)

1. Eat fruit and vegetables - 6 pr day (ca. 300 g of each - a little insider tip ;) )
2. Eat fish - several times a week (at least 200g - again a tip ;) )
3. Eat potatoes, rice or pasta and whole wheat bread
4. Cut down on sugar - especially soda, candy and cookies
5. Cut down on fat- especially from dairy product and meat
6. Eat variable and keep the weight
7. kill the thirst with water
8. be active at least 30 mins a day

And that is what will help you keep the "normal" weight
hope that helped a bit

****personal blog******
On a little side note for those interested... still living in that new place and slowly starting to getting use to this place...
Its been festival week here in Esbjerg, so we've been out and about enjoying a little bit of everything..
I have to go to a job interview next week so fingers crossed I get it... It sucks donkey balls not having a job and not having money. I also thought about entering a wow contest (world of warcraft) were you have to draw some fan art... but I feel like I kinda lost my mojo this morning, cause I saw all these great drawings and thought I can't do this... I know its the wrong attitude so Im gonna try to find some inspiration somewhere :)

Anyways I will be back soon with more tips

Take care