onsdag den 28. november 2012

What I'm loving wednesday #2

I really like these what I'm loving posts... love reading them and writing them :)

Boyfriend: Thank you for being oh so kind to me. I love you with all my heart and more. Thank you for surprising me two days in a row. Last night (tuesday) he surprised me with dinner and a movie (Breaking dawn part 2 - Yes I will do a review), and on top of that he surprised me with taking the day off from work today so he could be home with me .  Wednesday is my day off from school where I am "doing all my homework", and just dance around :P

Gym: You are a mysterious one... at first I really hate you, but after finishing a workout I love you. Today I kicked ass in the gym... I felt like I could have kept going, but my bf was waiting for me so I had to stop. Oh how we will see each other again tomorrow.

Hot cocoa: You make mornings so much better. I enjoy all the warmth you give to me on a rainy cold morning... And I bet you will make my life even more enjoyable when the snow starts to fall soon.

Iphone: Oh you sneaky one... I honestly don't love you for all the fancy things you do anymore cause I have the worst signal ever, so half of the stuff doesn't work. But I do love you for making me able to comunicate with my bf and others so I am never alone. I am not joking when I say my day is ruined if I don't have you with me

Christmas music: If it weren't for my boyfriend, I would so love you the most. You make me happy even when I am sad. You even understand how to make cleaning more fun for me.
I just love you

I hope all you lovely people are happy and are having a great time.
Xoxo Mie

mandag den 26. november 2012

Monday motivation - Just a little something to remember ❤

Have a fantastic week all you lovely bloggers

Xoxo Mie

søndag den 25. november 2012

Movie review: Wrong turn 5

From Dreadcentral
In the next chilling chapter of Wrong Turn, a small West Virginia town is hosting the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where throngs of costumed partygoers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals kill the fun when they trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students who are dying for a good time ...

My opinion:
Wrong turn 5 has to be the worst movie in the series, and that is saying it nicely. No just no. Bad acting,  bad set and a bad plot is what this movie is. However I will say that if you are buzzed this movie might be okay, otherwise don't waste your time on this.


I hope you guys had a great weekend

Xoxo Mie

onsdag den 21. november 2012

What I'm loving wednesday #1

Hey guys so I thought I wanted to give what I'm loving wednesday a try for the very first time :)

Im loving my boyfriend for being so patient with me especially when I am PMSing and having a serious toothache. Thank you for still loving me. I will try to be more normal now lol

Im loving my math teacher Mogens... well not love but I think he is a nice old man. He made me really like math again. I never thought that would happen in my lifetime. I am sad that friday is the last lesson with him. then a new teacher is taking over.

Im loving my cousin for all the endless talks we have had on the phone lately. Girl stuff takes a lot of time to talk about lol 

Im loving music. I cannot go a day without it and it influence, inspires and makes me happy

Im loving a good cup of tea. It makes studying much better. I am  not a coffee girl

I hope you guys are having a great week so far.

Take care

Xoxo Mie

mandag den 19. november 2012

Girl crush - Kaley Cuoco

There is really nothing bad to sad about Kaley. She's a great actress, she is funny and she rescue dogs, that is why I thought she deserved a spot on my little blog :) OH... and I love her as Penny in the Big Bang theory .

I hope you guys will have a great week :)

Xoxo Mie

fredag den 16. november 2012

Friday favorites #7

Hey guys.. so last week and this week has been crazy and stressfull, so I hope you bare over with me at this time. I have an exame coming up in a couple of weeks, and I am not looking forward to it.
Anyways let's get to it.

Fighting/motivating song of the weeek

Gym Class Heroes feat Ryan Tedder - The Fighter

Best feeling this week

Finishing a workout.
 I know it sounds stupid, but I have been on pills for almost 2 weeks and I have been so sick every time I tried to work out. Yesterday was my first day trying to workout without me being on pills, and I felt GREAT. I felt so much power and when the workout was over I sweating like a pig and smiling from ear to ear.

Movie of the week

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises... Not a bad movie, but it was however a bit long. I thought the motorcycle batman and later on catwoman used was awesome :D

Tip to remember

Remember to smile as much as you can. Someone out there in the big world needs something to make his/her day better. It is amazing how powerful a smile is

Favorite author of the week

Cecelia Ahern
I have read a couple of books by her, and she knows how to write the perfect chick lit books. I thank my cousin for introducing me to her back then. Cecelia Ahern is just so inspiring.

Have a wonderful weekend

Xoxo Mie

søndag den 11. november 2012

Movie review - Friends with kids

From Rotten tomatoes
Friends with Kids is a daring and poignant ensemble comedy about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children arrive and everything changes. The last two singles in the group observe the effect that kids have had on their friends' relationships and wonder if there's a better way. They decide to have a kid together - and date other people. There are big laughs and unexpected emotional truths as this unconventional 'experiment' leads everyone in the group to question the nature of friendship, family and, finally, true love. -- (C) Official Site

My opinion:

I was a bit sceptical about this movie, because I do feel there is a lot of baby movies out there (like it's the new it thing), and it is starting to get a bit too much. However this movie was not THAT bad, and if you like romantic comedy's and babies then this might be a hit :) Don't expect big things... It's far from an oscar winning movie.

I recommend this movie if you are in a chick flick, romantic or baby mood

lørdag den 10. november 2012

Girl Crush - Colbie Caillat

So since Colbie's new christmas cd was released on spotify I have been listening to it non stop and therfore I thought that it was a no brainer she was going to be my girl crush this time.
I was supposed to see her in concert a few years ago here in Denmark, and I was so excited.... and then she cancelled. Trust me I was a very sad girl.

If you guys love christmas music I recommend her new cd Christmas in the sand.. so good.

Xoxo Mie

fredag den 9. november 2012

Friday favorites #6

I hope all of you guys had an amazing week, and are ready to enjoy the weekend.
Here are this week's friday favorites.. what is yours?

Wet n wild palette Petal pusher

2. Food: Homemade pizza
I dont have any pics of it cause I was very hungry when I got it :$

3. Music -Colbie Caillat - Christmas in the sand.
It's been on repeat this week

4. Clothing
Sweater from H&M

5. Quote

Have a great weekend all my lovelies 

Xoxo Mie

onsdag den 7. november 2012

Last chance survey

So I stole this little survey from http://www.hungrydelights.com/ and thought it would be fun to do.
I hope you enjoy :)

1. Last food you ate?

Chicken casserole. My bf wanted to surprised with some yummy food since I've been through hell these last couple of days, so he made some delicious chicken casserole.

(btw pic is not mine, I found it on google but ours looked like that)

2. Last beverage you drank?

Christmas beer. I only drank one so don't worry :p

3. Last workout?

I haven't been able to work out for a couple of days so today I just started slow with some dance workout on xbox and oh god my thighs are burning.

4. Last thing you pinned?

Sadly I can't show you that. I just deactivated my account today, because it keeps getting hacked. No matter how many times I change my password these weird pins come on

5. Last text message you sent?

Ok.... to my bf

6. Last blog you visited?

The lovely girl I am stealing this from... hungrydelights.com

7. Last tweet you sent?

I'm now ranked Dedicated (top 40%) in Dance Central 3 on Raptr!

i like dancing ;)

8. Last place you visited?

My sofa lol. i had a day off from school today and trust me I enjoyed it.

9. Last time you did ab work?

Sunday... bad I know :/

10. Last show you watched?

The walking dead... Oh how I love the show, however this season so far has been a bit boring.

11. Last thing you baked?

Oh I am not really good at baking, I am actually an expert in taking the most simple recipe and then ruin it lol. but I think it was carrot cake I made.

12. What is the last thing you Instagrammed?

Me having a really bad toothache 

13. Last item on your to-do list today?

BLOG!... I haven't really been up to blogging these last couple of days, but I miss writing and reading blogs, and most of all, all of you awesome people :D

I hope you guys found this some what interesting, oh and I tag all of you. If you choose to do it leave a comment so I can read it :D

Xoxo Mie

lørdag den 3. november 2012

Hottie alert - Chris Hemsworth

Okay... Hi my name is Mie and I have been living under a rock.

I've never really liked Chris Hemsworth before I saw the movie Cabin in the woods (really bad movie). I have seen some of the other big production movies he has been in but I never really thought wow, especially because he loves to have long hair in movies :/

So here it is.... now let us all drool lol

Have a nice weekend girls ;)

Xoxo Mie

fredag den 2. november 2012

Friday favorites #5

It is finally friday yaaaaay thank God

1. Anthem of the week

2. book of the week

3. TV-show of the week

4. Quote

5. Drink
( I know it comes out today but they are a tradition and every year everyone looks forward to their arrival).

I hope you guys are gonna have a great weekend.