søndag den 31. juli 2011

The coolest message ever!

So the coolest message ever was the one I got on my birthday on twitter,
(btw if you want to follow me on twitter click here... I follow back ) and It was from the super sweet Sophia Bush. Everyone who knows me well know that I am a huge fan of her.
You kinda always expect stars like her to be a bit you know up there, but she is so normal and is fighting for so many good causes - She is truly inspiring, and if I can be just half the woman she is someday, then I think I would do pretty well

Anyways to the point. On my birthday I got a sweet message from her saying Happy birthday... I was seriously telling everyone about it

So thanks Sophia for making my day great. 

It really is amazing how a few words can effect you


lørdag den 30. juli 2011

Amazing day part 2

Sorry this part is a bit overdue :)
Well anyways here is part two of my amazing day I had. (if you haven't read the first then click here :) )
After the bf and I was in the limestone caves we drove to Randers so we could se the "rain forest" that everyone is talking about, that you have to see.

It was a great trip and I can understand why people want to see it, my only complaints is that its to small and too freaking hot... jeez the sweat was dripping of me

So here are the pictures from Randers rain forest 

I thought this was so pretty so I had to take a picture of it

Bad ass

Skulls are cool - said in a non creepy way

He said that the snake was friendly yeah right it bit him after that

This was a cool fish.. too bad I couldn't take a better picture of it

I seriously thought this dude was dead and kept saying oh my god its dead... but I guess thats just the way they chill

My little birthday haul

So as you probably guessed from the title its a little haul from my birthday.
My birthday was yesterday (29th of july) and I turned 24.. god Im old ;)
Anyways this is not to brag or anything its just to show people my appreciation <3

Well the only thing I really wished for was money cause god knows I need it, Im not gonna show that and im not gonna say the amount either :)

Then I got some cute b-day cards - I love cards - I know Im weird sorry 'bout that

Then I got a gift card from my mom, to this kind of beauty store

And along with that came some free samples... UUH how I love samples they always make me happy haha

First up is Fuel for life unlimited by Diesel - Perfume sample
Btw it smell super awesome

Next up is zendium toothpaste sample - yeah thats a first

Then Dior Hydra life - some creamy stuff

Then some sunsilk reconstruction shampoo 

Some Bio-term stuff I haven't looked at yet

Oh I also got a Clinique repairwear laser focus sample but I forgot to take a picture of that

And then I also got from my mom some hair stuff cause I like those

and then from my mother in law I got a super cute plant that has leafs shaped as hearts... so freaking cute oh and the picture does not do it justice

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer :D



onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Fun in the bat cave :D

Having some fun in Mønsted limestone caves :D

Amazing day part 1

Yesterday I was up way early - too early when you're on vacation ;) Anyways me and the bf drove the country thin so we could visit Mønsted Limestone Caves and Randers Rainforest.
This blog is gonna be about Mønsted Limestone Caves only cause I have an overload of pictures to display lol
Mønsted Limestone Caves is the biggest in the world (it says so on the brochure) and trust me it was an experience you have to see in real life cause the pictures doesn't do it justice.
No matter how could or warm it is outside, inside the caves its always 8 degrees so a jacket was a must.
The caves are also famous for their cheese, cause yes the are keeping the cheese down their, and oh god some places it really smelled. They are also known for being a bat cave... not the batman dude but real bats. They hiding in the caves during the winter.