lørdag den 30. juli 2011

My little birthday haul

So as you probably guessed from the title its a little haul from my birthday.
My birthday was yesterday (29th of july) and I turned 24.. god Im old ;)
Anyways this is not to brag or anything its just to show people my appreciation <3

Well the only thing I really wished for was money cause god knows I need it, Im not gonna show that and im not gonna say the amount either :)

Then I got some cute b-day cards - I love cards - I know Im weird sorry 'bout that

Then I got a gift card from my mom, to this kind of beauty store

And along with that came some free samples... UUH how I love samples they always make me happy haha

First up is Fuel for life unlimited by Diesel - Perfume sample
Btw it smell super awesome

Next up is zendium toothpaste sample - yeah thats a first

Then Dior Hydra life - some creamy stuff

Then some sunsilk reconstruction shampoo 

Some Bio-term stuff I haven't looked at yet

Oh I also got a Clinique repairwear laser focus sample but I forgot to take a picture of that

And then I also got from my mom some hair stuff cause I like those

and then from my mother in law I got a super cute plant that has leafs shaped as hearts... so freaking cute oh and the picture does not do it justice

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer :D


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