onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Amazing day part 1

Yesterday I was up way early - too early when you're on vacation ;) Anyways me and the bf drove the country thin so we could visit Mønsted Limestone Caves and Randers Rainforest.
This blog is gonna be about Mønsted Limestone Caves only cause I have an overload of pictures to display lol
Mønsted Limestone Caves is the biggest in the world (it says so on the brochure) and trust me it was an experience you have to see in real life cause the pictures doesn't do it justice.
No matter how could or warm it is outside, inside the caves its always 8 degrees so a jacket was a must.
The caves are also famous for their cheese, cause yes the are keeping the cheese down their, and oh god some places it really smelled. They are also known for being a bat cave... not the batman dude but real bats. They hiding in the caves during the winter.


4 kommentarer:

  1. That seems super cool and interesting! Glad you had an adventurous time! :) I love cheese, but I can only imagine the smell that protruded from that place! LOL

  2. thank you... yeah the smell was pretty bad lol

  3. Wow!! That's cool and creepy all at the same time :) i have never heard of these caves but it looks super fun to see, great pictures!!

  4. Thanks :D yeah i've never heard of them until recently and then I just I had to see it. Oh and some places were really creepy cause there was no light in some parts of the caves