torsdag den 21. juli 2011

Healthy summer food

In this summer heat its easy to forget how to eat healthy. I'll admit its way more easy and funner (yes im gonna use that as a word) to go get some ice cream than it is to prepare some fruit.
But when you look at the work you have to do o get rid off those ice creams afterwards then you might have wished you would have picked some delicious fruit instead

Pr 100 gr

Pineapple = 50kcal

Bananas = 85 kcal

Blueberry = 48 kcal

Grapefruit = 33 kcal

Strawberries = 41 kcal

watermelon = 30

Mango = 65 kcal

I hope that motivated you guys a bit to make some healthy choices...
I know I've been slacking a bit and my lame ass excuse is that it is summer so don't do like me...
Anyways Im gonna do my best and be on the healthy wagon again... If you guys want more tips and stuff let me know :)

Btw watermelon is my favorite fruit at the moment :P

Sincerely Mie

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