onsdag den 29. juni 2011

søndag den 26. juni 2011

Old school jam

En Vogue - Free Your Mind

Listen to this one loud...
This is one hell of a song, don't even mess with me when Im listening to it lol
so pretty

lørdag den 25. juni 2011

Mini haul

Today I was out shopping a bit. To be honest I felt like I wanted to spend big bucks but thank god I didn't lol.
It was a nice day out.. it finally had stopped raining so of course I had to go out and enjoy it a bit.

What I bought
2 pairs of earrings from H&M - So pretty I had to have them

A Rolling Stone t-shirt from H&M. kinda embarrassing but I found it in the kids section and it fits perfectly

Carmen Electra fit to stip dvd.. Who dosen't wanna feel sexy working out ;)

and then me and the hubby went out for something to eat, oh and I got this super delicious strawberry beer

the hubby's monster burger lol

my bagel -  It was so big that I couldn't eat it all

After shopping we went for a small drive and all of the sudden this blocked our road... they were not having it so they just looked at us as if we were stupid. It ended with we had to find another way around them

I hope your saturday was great, and here is to a great sunday

Remember to smile



Jeans from New Yorker
Top from online-mode.dk
Sweater from H&M

fredag den 24. juni 2011

Questions oh yes please

So I went surfing... on the net lol, and came across these questions that I thought I would answer.

1. Last song I listened to.
2. Last thing I watched.
3. What I did today.
4. Favorite person in the world.
5. Dream husband/wife.
6. Where I’d love to live.
7. Favorite lyrics of the last song I listened to.
8. My hero described in three words.
9. A person I would like to trade lives with.
10. A wish.
11. A secret.
12. A dream.
13. Favorite blog.
14. Celebrity crush.
15. What I can’t live without.


1. Kings of Leon - Crawl
2. Nick and Nora's infinite playlist
3. work, gym, window shopping, eat, watch movies, write a blog
4. my boyfriend
5. my boyfriend - I honestly can't complane
6. on a desert island, new york, ireland and canada 
7. You broke my mouth
the bloody bits are spittin' out
your grave unscathed
the worm is countin' down the day
8. loving, caring, was always there when I needed her
9. rihanna or britney just to see what its like being on stage rocking out 
10. I can't tell you that ;)
11. I can be very insecure
12. being a bestseller writer, still being with the guy I love being happy and enjoying life
13. uh I don't know there are so many I read
14. don't know if I have one at the moment... i might be to lovey dovey in love
15. MUSIC, and my guy... oh and chocolate :D

How would you guys answer this?
oh and if you have any questions for me please feel free to ask, I wont bite

have a rocking good weekend


torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Are you excited for Pottermore?

I know I am... apparently its gonna be some sort of a social network thingy...
I love Harry Potter and the universe so I am definitely gonna have a look when its "open"
I practically grew up with the HP movie's so thats why I am a bit curious.
I can honesty say that I hope to be as good a writer as J.K Rowling cause she has done an amazing job 

onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Stuff to do before turning 25???

So next year Im turning 25 and everyone says its kind of a big deal.. Just to make it clear Im still only 23 but turning 24 next month so thats why people are saying it to me like they do.
I never really thought uh oh 25 here we go.. always thought of it as just a number, but not anymore i guess

Well anyways I started googling (yes my very best friend lol) about things to do before turning 25 and holy crap you either have to be a multi millionaire or I should have started some of these lists from the moment I was born

Of course there are personal things I would have liked to happen before 25 but somehow I haven't managed that yet.. thank good there is still time

I'll show you a bit of my list I used to have if you promise you wont laugh

- Be a super famous rockstar (well Im kinda lacking in talent there... but I can make people deaf with my singing though)
- Be a mom (I always wanted to have kids before 25 so I could be some what young with my kids... and still enjoy life)
- Have a job I love (well... still working really hard on that)
-Making big bucks( I know it sounds corny, but in my 23 young years I've figured out that money isn't everything, and Im none whatsoever impressed by them)

So here are my more realistic list now

- Be happy and except life for what it is and never take a moment for granted
- accept that everyone is different and talented in each in their own way
- follow my heart (even though we almost never speak the same language)
- Learn to trust my instincts more
- Work for the things I want in life
- oh and travel a bit more and experience the world

There are a tons more I could put on it but wont bore you

what are your lists if you have any?

love, Mie

søndag den 19. juni 2011

work when its good

I love writing and have dedicated most of the day to doing just that... 
One of my goals in life is to be a published writer... I know it's not easy but Im gonna give it my best and if I fail then at least I can say I tried...

Hope your sunday is treating you well

Much love

Oops!... I did it again

Hi everyone
Hope you're all having a great sunday... so far mine is nice and relaxing.
So for those of you who reads my blogposts knows that I was talking about buying some tickets, but I wasn't really sure... well I bought them yay
If the title doesn't give it away then the picture sure does

Im going to the Britney spears femme fatale tour.
If any danish people are following this blog and knows how these tickets look, you will notice they are missing parts but I retouched it out of the picture just to be safe :)

Im not really sure what to expect from her, but I saw some clips on youtube and was pretty impressed... I know the girl doesn't really sing live but oh well it still looks like an amazing show

Pictures from worldofbritney

lørdag den 18. juni 2011

Skins for laptops

I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but I have been thinking about getting some skins for my macbook pro.
I haven't used them before, but I do think they look pretty awesome.

Have some of you guys tried them, and are they easy to get off again?
Oh and where do you find them

I've been looking at these sites 

yay for the weekend

Hello all
Just wanted to say sorry for not writing as much this week but its been super busy at work.
I might not write as much as I like these coming weeks, but I have NOT forgotten about this blog...
It is saturday early in the morning, I think im gonna get ready to go to the gym and then later do some shopping.
I've been thinking about buying some tix for a concert but im not sure yet so im not gonna spill who it is yet.
yesterday was an amazing day. I had a bit of fun at work, went to the gym and was super hardcore, then i got home and had a cute date night with my boyfriend. 
We made great food together and then watched the movie confessions of a shopaholic. Such a cute girly movie.. I might buy that one on blueray soon

Anyways Enjoy your weekend and talk to you guys soon


mandag den 13. juni 2011

Happy Birthday to Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen

If you are around the same age as me, there is a pretty good chance that like me you have grown up with these twins..
I remember I fist saw them in full house which was the best must see tv-show that I had to watch everyday... and then later on came all their movies.
I was a huge fan of Mary-kate and Ashley, I even had a pretty successful website about them at one point.
So I just wanted to say happy birthday to them, even though they probably won't read this :)
Now they've grown into successful hard working business women and I still aspire to have some what the success they are having.

søndag den 12. juni 2011

Red Riding Hood

I know its kinda late but today I finally got to see Red Riding Hood... 
My expectations for the movie to be honest was REALLY NOT that high, so I was actually pleasantly surprised. I wasn't totally impressed with the start, cause I felt like I was seeing some midiocre play, but as the story progressed the better I thought it got... now don't go expecting some kind of titanic/ lord of the rings greatness - take it for what it is - Good entertainment 


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music, ducks and swans oh my

So I was going to go to the gym today, and was all ready to go and stood there by the bus stop and waited for the bus, when the thought hit me... crap its sunday.. the bus only comes once every hour.
I still haven't gotten used to the bus only arriving one or two times an hour, because when I lived in Copenhagen it usually came every 5-10 minutes.
Anyways I got angry at the bus and started walking and listening to some music on my Iphone... first I didn't know where I was going but then I realized where I was, and these are the pictures I want to show you guys

So yeah this was a pretty nice way to spend sunday morning... music, nature and me

lørdag den 11. juni 2011


Yay i finally found a new layout...Im pretty picky about them so this was the best i could find so far :D

Do you like?

Just read

English translation: Unseen (2006)

Product Description

The first body they found was the dog. The poor creature's throat has been cut, and one paw severed completely. Then they found the body of the woman. She had been stabbed, again and again; she was naked, a piece of cloth had been stuffed into her mouth. The picturesque holiday island of Gotland is in the middle of a busy tourist season when the young woman is discovered murdered. Suspicion falls on her husband - the couple had been seen fighting the evening before. Inspector Anders Knutas is hoping it will be a straight-forward case; the local authorities are hoping so too, but more out of an interest in protecting the tourist trade than any desire to see justice served. Then another victim is discovered, again she is a young woman and she has been murdered in the same chilling manner. Inspector Knutas must face up to the horrifying prospect that there is a serial killer loose on the island. Knutas, aided by investigative journalist Johan Berg, begins to piece together the tragic history that unites the two victims, and alarmingly points to more murders to come. The killer remains unknown, moving freely, unseen, on the island. All that is clear is that the two victims are just the beginning, unless Knutas and Berg find the killer before he strikes again.

From the Publisher

`Just when I thought that the flow of impressive crime writers
from the Nordic countries was slowing down, up pops another. Unseen is the
Swede Mari Jungstedt's first novel, but it doesn't feel like it. She is in
total control of plot and pace, conveys chilling atmosphere and her
characters are well above average for believability' Marcel Berlins, The
From here
I thought it was a good read.. Im not really into crime but this book was not that bad

søndag den 5. juni 2011

sunday - oh what a great day

Last day of our little mini vacation was spent driving around seeing things, through stomache pains and all lol
Anyways here are some pics I want to share with you guys

Blåvandshuk Bolchekogeri
the place were they are making fresh bon bons

look how cute it is

my man is getting an ice cream

I couldn't resist.. first ice cream of the year.. does that excuse me?

small bon bons we bough from the place

we found this weird thing in a supermarket

kinda retro looking