fredag den 24. juni 2011

Questions oh yes please

So I went surfing... on the net lol, and came across these questions that I thought I would answer.

1. Last song I listened to.
2. Last thing I watched.
3. What I did today.
4. Favorite person in the world.
5. Dream husband/wife.
6. Where I’d love to live.
7. Favorite lyrics of the last song I listened to.
8. My hero described in three words.
9. A person I would like to trade lives with.
10. A wish.
11. A secret.
12. A dream.
13. Favorite blog.
14. Celebrity crush.
15. What I can’t live without.


1. Kings of Leon - Crawl
2. Nick and Nora's infinite playlist
3. work, gym, window shopping, eat, watch movies, write a blog
4. my boyfriend
5. my boyfriend - I honestly can't complane
6. on a desert island, new york, ireland and canada 
7. You broke my mouth
the bloody bits are spittin' out
your grave unscathed
the worm is countin' down the day
8. loving, caring, was always there when I needed her
9. rihanna or britney just to see what its like being on stage rocking out 
10. I can't tell you that ;)
11. I can be very insecure
12. being a bestseller writer, still being with the guy I love being happy and enjoying life
13. uh I don't know there are so many I read
14. don't know if I have one at the moment... i might be to lovey dovey in love
15. MUSIC, and my guy... oh and chocolate :D

How would you guys answer this?
oh and if you have any questions for me please feel free to ask, I wont bite

have a rocking good weekend


2 kommentarer:

  1. MUSIC and chocolate :P love it!!
    I love post like that, allows you to get to know other bloggers a lil more :)

  2. Haha thanks
    yeah I know i think they are cool too