onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Stuff to do before turning 25???

So next year Im turning 25 and everyone says its kind of a big deal.. Just to make it clear Im still only 23 but turning 24 next month so thats why people are saying it to me like they do.
I never really thought uh oh 25 here we go.. always thought of it as just a number, but not anymore i guess

Well anyways I started googling (yes my very best friend lol) about things to do before turning 25 and holy crap you either have to be a multi millionaire or I should have started some of these lists from the moment I was born

Of course there are personal things I would have liked to happen before 25 but somehow I haven't managed that yet.. thank good there is still time

I'll show you a bit of my list I used to have if you promise you wont laugh

- Be a super famous rockstar (well Im kinda lacking in talent there... but I can make people deaf with my singing though)
- Be a mom (I always wanted to have kids before 25 so I could be some what young with my kids... and still enjoy life)
- Have a job I love (well... still working really hard on that)
-Making big bucks( I know it sounds corny, but in my 23 young years I've figured out that money isn't everything, and Im none whatsoever impressed by them)

So here are my more realistic list now

- Be happy and except life for what it is and never take a moment for granted
- accept that everyone is different and talented in each in their own way
- follow my heart (even though we almost never speak the same language)
- Learn to trust my instincts more
- Work for the things I want in life
- oh and travel a bit more and experience the world

There are a tons more I could put on it but wont bore you

what are your lists if you have any?

love, Mie

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  1. i think the realistic list is great, definitaly things i'll do :)

  2. thats good to hear.. you should do what makes you happy :)