torsdag den 24. maj 2012

What everyone should remember ♥

Tomorrow is friday yay :D

I hope the sun shines on all you guys out there

Much love, Mie

tirsdag den 15. maj 2012

Inspirational quotes part 2

I hope you guys are doing great out there :)
Tomorrow is my last work day for this week.. a lot of people have thursday and friday off this week so yay for that.

My most populare post on blogger is my inspirational quotes so I thought I wanted to do a part two :D


I hope this inspires you guys to be the best you can.

Enjoy life 

Xoxo Mie

mandag den 14. maj 2012

My not so active weekend

Okay to be honest my weekend hasn't been filled with a lot of activities, I've mostly stayed indoors just to play computer.
I was lucky enough to get a beta key to a game called the secret world - If you like dan brown books and solving mysteries this a game for you.
Im not joking when I say my bf and I used about 5 hours to solve a Illuminati quest.

So far I am LOVING this game and I can't wait till it is being released in june.

I also happen to have a beta key to the family guy online game, and OMG this game cracks me up.
I am a family guy lover so this is a perfect game for me as well - I love all the armpit farts and stuff you can do in the game.

Btw Beta means testing out a game before it is released - well it doesn't have to be a game but in this case it is.

I will be doing videos on both games in the near future so if you want to subscribe to my gaming channel that would be awesome

Hope your Monday has been a good one.

Xoxo Mie

søndag den 13. maj 2012

Quick hi

Just wanted to let you guys know im still here. I havent been blogging so much and it honestly annoys me.
My back has been so bad this week so when I got off work I just wanted to try to and sleep it away. I am felling better now though.
Right now its 9.00 am on a sunday morning, Im heading out to my bfs mother (mothers day) to have brunch.
I do have a couple of posts starting/coming up either today or tomorrow incl a DIY post woop

Anywhozzles I better put some make up on I look like a scary monster that just rolled out of bed lol

Hugs and kisses 

mandag den 7. maj 2012

The human Barbie doll

I just read about this woman in the news paper and honestly don't know what to think. 
 Valeria Lukyanova is a 21 year old girl from Ukraine and her dream is to look like Barbie.
So far Valeria has spent 800.000 dollars on plastic operations.I know barbie have been criticized A LOT for giving young girls the wrong idea about body image, but she is just a doll... some people just tend to take some things to the extreme no matter what it is.On one side im all in for fulfilling your dreams, but not to the degree were you are harming your body in that way.Im not saying im against plastic surgery at all, but seriously when is enough, enough?

So what do you guys think about this? healthy or not healthy?

Xoxo Mie

A few pictures from my weekend

Honestly my weekend has been pretty boring. I've been sleeping my way through it cause of stupid back pain.
I did manage to get out a little bit but meeh not as much as I wanted.



Oh and my smoothie addiction is back on...
Spring = Smoothie

I hope you guys had a kickass weekend 

Xoxo Mie

fredag den 4. maj 2012

Flashback Friday - Super mario bros show

I was browsing youtube today and came across an old cartoon I used to watch everyday before I would go to school.
I really like these flashback posts so I might do a couple of them, that way you guys will get to know me as well
Anywhozzels I loved this show and it was a must watch. I couldn't find an intro on danish just so you could have heard what that was like lol, so here is an episode from the show on english

Have you guys watched the super mario show before?

Yay for the weekend :)

Xoxo Mie

torsdag den 3. maj 2012

Thursday thoughts

So this is basically stuff I had on my mind this week, that I want to share with you guys

Personal stuff: Why is my back spassing out? seriously dude, finally the weather has turned over and its so lovely outside and my lower back just snapped or something. I haven't been outside for 3 days now... I wanna gooooooooooo

Things I want: I really want that super mario keychain and those green leggings... have I lost my mind?

Avengers: A lot of people are talking about that movie... hmm wonder if I'll like it. Maybe I should ask my bf if we can see it

My Little tantrum: Why do traveling have to be so expensive? we just cancelled my dream vacation because it cost around 16.000 danish krones.. baah sad panda :(

random stuff: I like the month of may
I should paint my nails neon pink or something
I like pandas
I want a dog
I should do something about my hair...

My thought right now: Im gonna make myself a smoothie...

onsdag den 2. maj 2012

Dance the night away

No im not quoting jennifer lopez ;)

I recently purchase the game Dance central 2, and if you guys want to read a review about it you should head over here.

Anywhozzle here is a little video of me dancing - yes rythme and me is just a no go. I love to dance and even though I suck I will do it till the day that I die or at least til my big butt cant get up off the chair lol

If you guys wanna sub to my youtube channel I would be greatfull and of course sub back ;)

Xoxo Mie

tirsdag den 1. maj 2012

Motivation tuesday

I know it should be motivation monday but blogging slipped my mind yesterday

I hope you guys are having a great week so far :)

Xoxo Mie

Ps. Happy May 1st