lørdag den 22. maj 2010


hola guys

Urgh yesterday I was having a bad, bad, baaad day... Couldn't find the motivation to do anything, I just walked around like a sad zombie. I didn't even go to the gym - but thats okay, you don't have to go everyday... it's okay with cheat days :)
Since there was no gym for me yesterday, I woke up early so I could do some hardcore fitness today.. I swear to good I was sweating like a pig and on top of that my face was turning bright red and I could just feel it, like this burning feeling ... But I have to admit you do feel great after a good work out.
The rest of the day has been kinda laid back... I walked around in the park and watched the carnival that was going on, that was fun.
Oh btw today I have been with my guy for 6 months :D I dont think (or at least feel) he think its that special, but it is for me...it's kinda rare im with a guy for that long, I tend to lose interest or the guys are just really weird :S... but not this guy... I do think its actually the first time Im really in love with someone.

It's kinda a sad excuse for a blog today I know, i'll be better next time ;)

Take care and enjoy the sun


torsdag den 20. maj 2010

naked smile

Hey everyone...

So this morning I was up early... REALLY early... and went to the gym, cause lets face it there are a ton of machines you can use without having to wait for them...
Anyways I did what I normally do in the gym, and about an hour later Im in the dressing room kinda naked... okay pretty much butt naked, and all of the sudden this lady walks up to me stands still and looks really intensely... then she puts on a big smile and says " I hope you will have a great day".
At first I thought awww thats sweet of her and of course I replied back.
Anywhoo... I got my clothes on and started to walk home and then the thought just hit me... ummm okay I just smiled and small talked with a woman i don't know naked...yeah well, you gotta try some things at least once right? hehe
I hope you guys are having a great day... its been good here so far, the sun has been out and its warm - what more can you ask for.

stay motivated
- Mie

onsdag den 19. maj 2010

Quick motivation

If this doesn't motivates you, I don't know what does ;)

I really don't mind having a body like that

me, me, me?

Hey everyone out there in bloggerland

So I guess Im gonna use my first blogpost to tell you a little bit about me.

Im 22, live in Denmark, I like to goof around with friends, family and my bf...
for the past two years I have been into gym and weight loss and everything that goes with it.
So I guess Im gonna use this blogger thing here to tell you about my experiences... the good days, the bad days, the funny days, and those sad days we all have once in a while...
Im not only gonna be talking about diet, gym and so on... I might put some healthy recipes in there, and talk about a lot of random stuff since I can be kinda an expert at that.

But otherwise I also wanna use this place to encourage you guys, and of course the other way around...

Until next time take care

- Mie