lørdag den 22. maj 2010


hola guys

Urgh yesterday I was having a bad, bad, baaad day... Couldn't find the motivation to do anything, I just walked around like a sad zombie. I didn't even go to the gym - but thats okay, you don't have to go everyday... it's okay with cheat days :)
Since there was no gym for me yesterday, I woke up early so I could do some hardcore fitness today.. I swear to good I was sweating like a pig and on top of that my face was turning bright red and I could just feel it, like this burning feeling ... But I have to admit you do feel great after a good work out.
The rest of the day has been kinda laid back... I walked around in the park and watched the carnival that was going on, that was fun.
Oh btw today I have been with my guy for 6 months :D I dont think (or at least feel) he think its that special, but it is for me...it's kinda rare im with a guy for that long, I tend to lose interest or the guys are just really weird :S... but not this guy... I do think its actually the first time Im really in love with someone.

It's kinda a sad excuse for a blog today I know, i'll be better next time ;)

Take care and enjoy the sun


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