torsdag den 20. maj 2010

naked smile

Hey everyone...

So this morning I was up early... REALLY early... and went to the gym, cause lets face it there are a ton of machines you can use without having to wait for them...
Anyways I did what I normally do in the gym, and about an hour later Im in the dressing room kinda naked... okay pretty much butt naked, and all of the sudden this lady walks up to me stands still and looks really intensely... then she puts on a big smile and says " I hope you will have a great day".
At first I thought awww thats sweet of her and of course I replied back.
Anywhoo... I got my clothes on and started to walk home and then the thought just hit me... ummm okay I just smiled and small talked with a woman i don't know naked...yeah well, you gotta try some things at least once right? hehe
I hope you guys are having a great day... its been good here so far, the sun has been out and its warm - what more can you ask for.

stay motivated
- Mie

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