onsdag den 19. maj 2010

me, me, me?

Hey everyone out there in bloggerland

So I guess Im gonna use my first blogpost to tell you a little bit about me.

Im 22, live in Denmark, I like to goof around with friends, family and my bf...
for the past two years I have been into gym and weight loss and everything that goes with it.
So I guess Im gonna use this blogger thing here to tell you about my experiences... the good days, the bad days, the funny days, and those sad days we all have once in a while...
Im not only gonna be talking about diet, gym and so on... I might put some healthy recipes in there, and talk about a lot of random stuff since I can be kinda an expert at that.

But otherwise I also wanna use this place to encourage you guys, and of course the other way around...

Until next time take care

- Mie

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