lørdag den 31. december 2011

Happy New year!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there reading this little blog.
This year has been amazing with a lot of adventures, lot of love and a lot of new friendships.
So here's to an amazing kick ass rocking and blogging 2012.

- Mie

torsdag den 29. december 2011

workout playlist

If you are a hardcore rock addict this might not be the playlist for. Dont get me wrong.. I love rock, alternative & punk and that is what I listen to most on my phone but when I am at the gym I need something fun and poppy and that is where this list comes in

1. Britney spears - Till the world ends

2. Selena Gomez and the scene - Love you like a love song

3. Jennifer Lopez - On the floor

4. No Doubt - Hella Good

5. Flo Rida - Club can't handle me

6. Ashley Tisdale - It's allright It's ok

7. Ciara - Like a Boy

8. Shakira - Hips don't lie

9. Nicki Minaj - Super bass

10. Three days grace - The good life

I know they are not the newest songs but hey they work for me :)

What do you guys listen to?


onsdag den 28. december 2011

A few pictures from my christmas

The title says it all.
My old iphone was acting weird so I dont have a lot of pictures.

Me... I was tired of packing lol

On our way to Copenhagen

Haha I didn't want to be photographed but somehow I like this picture anywhoo

(the day after- Christmas eve)
My mom and stepdads christmas tree

Going out for a christmas walk

I was the gift giver on christmas eve... I took my job very seriously lol

Yup that is me with a beer in my hand lol

(December 25th)

my two favorite men.... my bf and my cousin.. My cousin just got a new nintendo 3ds, and to be honest I was playing with it a bit more than him lol

My aunt and I =)

He is so cute - he is gonna break a lot of hearts... me in the background with red nails lol

What we ate on our way home from Copenhagen lol

Hope you guys enjoyed a little sneak peak into my christmas


tirsdag den 27. december 2011

Christmas haul

To be honest I didn't have any plans on doing this, but now I have seen several posts about what people got for christmas and thought I wanted to share what I got too lol :)
Oh and I am sorry for the picture quality - such crappy light I have grrr

Anyways I got an OBH Nordica non stick casarole 5 L, from my mom and stepdad... I had my eye on this for a long time, it was just a bit too pricy for me, so yay I got it now

Then I got a Jamie Oliver Sauté pan from my bf's grandma... Who doesn't love jamie Oliver. I so had a crush on him a long time ago lol

Giftcard to pieces from my in laws, it can also be used at their online store Pieces.com

Earrings from my cousin that she made herself 

A spinning jewelry ring from my sister in law

Then I got a bit of money from some other family members, and last but not least a weekend getaway - my own choice from my lovely boyfriend

What did you guys get? Im curious =D

Hope your christmas was rocking

mandag den 26. december 2011

Belated merry christmas + THANK YOU

I just wanted to take some time out to say thank you to all you beautiful people out there for following and commenting my blog and giving me so much inspirations.
My christmas was great and was spend with family. I did take baby (my computer) with me but the bf kinda talked me into letting him borrow it cause he just got the the new Star Wars game (yes I've not been seeing him that much this christmas lol)
I hope your christmas'es was amazing, and I promise I will be back at blogging really soon, oh and commenting blogs :D
Thank you guys for being awesome and inspiring, if you all lived near by I would hug each and everyone of you


torsdag den 22. december 2011

onsdag den 21. december 2011

Christmas gift from work

I just wanted to share with you guys a few pictures of my christmas gift I got from work. Today was the last day at work (christmas vacation yay) so we had a little gathering after work with a small speech from one of the bosses, christmas presents and get this... beer tasting.
Anyways on to the pictures =D

I got two boxes full of stuff =D

(small box)
Meat, cheese, shrimps, salmon and some other fish

(big box)
oranges, champagne (i think), two types of biscuits, two red vines and one white, baked chocolate covered goods, and fine chocolate in a wooden box

I was so fascinated with this chocolate - I am a chocoholic so honestly almost any kind of chocolate impresses me lol, but I really like the wooden case it came in

Hope your week is good =D