onsdag den 28. december 2011

A few pictures from my christmas

The title says it all.
My old iphone was acting weird so I dont have a lot of pictures.

Me... I was tired of packing lol

On our way to Copenhagen

Haha I didn't want to be photographed but somehow I like this picture anywhoo

(the day after- Christmas eve)
My mom and stepdads christmas tree

Going out for a christmas walk

I was the gift giver on christmas eve... I took my job very seriously lol

Yup that is me with a beer in my hand lol

(December 25th)

my two favorite men.... my bf and my cousin.. My cousin just got a new nintendo 3ds, and to be honest I was playing with it a bit more than him lol

My aunt and I =)

He is so cute - he is gonna break a lot of hearts... me in the background with red nails lol

What we ate on our way home from Copenhagen lol

Hope you guys enjoyed a little sneak peak into my christmas


2 kommentarer:

  1. ooo I love the bridge picture!!Instagram that!!
    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun =D