tirsdag den 6. december 2011

Christmas songs :D

Okay I have a confession... I listen to christmas songs all year round. When my itunes is on shuffle and a christmas song comes on I am not the one to press skip, cause i love them too much. I still can't believe I have a boyfriend cause I've been singing some of these songs like crazy this past summer lol

Anyways just thought I would share some christmas songs with you guys.. I can't play all my favorites cause of youtube/vevo (sucks christmas balls), but here are a few.

Drengene fra Angora - Jul I angora
Yes a danish christmas song... its a comedy video, and it is just not christmas without this one

Simple Plan - My christmas list
This song is the one christmas song I have on my phone all year around

Mel & kim - Rockin' around the christmas tree
It is NOT christmas without this song.

Mariah Carey - All I want for christmas is you
Oh this one is sooooo good :D

Wham - last christmas
Again you can have a christmas without this one...

Bamse & Kylling - Vi er på vej til dig julemand
ANother danish one.. I LOVE this one.. I've been annoying the Sh#t out of my boyfriend singing this song while he was trying to find things with his metal detector lol

Nissebanden - Det er risengrød.
This song is from my favorite christmas calendar - It's an oldie but a goodie (on danish)

I hope you guys liked my little selection... I have a lot more songs on my list, so maybe another post? who knows lol
What are your favorite christmas songs?


3 kommentarer:

  1. aww it is sweet that you like Christmas songs!
    i have to agree with you on "last christmas". it doesn't feel like it without this song, right? ;P

  2. no it doesn't :D And you just have to sing along everytime it comes on haha

  3. Hi u have such a nice blog and it would mean a lot to me if u can check mine out and let me know if ur interested in following each other?
    And I love christmas songs to and christmas movies :)