fredag den 9. december 2011


I have to apologize for the huge overload of christmas stuff I've been blogging about, but I promise it will stop in january lol
While I was at work I got to think about christmas tradition and got curious about how you guys spend christmas, and thought I would share my christmas traditions with you guys.
Well first off I am gonna answer the BIG question: Yes we open presents on christmas eve, most danish people do that.
First of I start the morning of with some good breakfast, then its of to walk around the city either with my cousin and this time coming it will be with my boyfriend. I know it sounds stupid but I really like walking around seeing and hearing how quiet it is, cause normally there is A LOT of people
(btw yes it is a summertime pic, but it is just to demonstrate lol)

Then when I get home it is time for a bit of tea (im not a BIG coffee drinker) and some christmas goodies that we have made

(I borrowed these pics from google since I don't have pictures of our home baking)

Then the most important thing (according to me) its time to watch Disney's Christmas show.
I've been watching it every year since I was a baby - and it is just not christmas without it

Then I go help mom in the kitchen, or at least try to help lol

Then its food time - this is what is typically on a danish christmas table (or at least the people I know)

then you end it all of with this kind of rice porridge or some other type of it where you are suppost to find an almond. the one that finds the whole almond wins a present... there is small chopped almond pieces in it just to make it harder to find it lol

After the food I usually help my mom with the dishwashing and then its time to dance around the christmas tree

And then FINALLY (for some lol) it is time for the presents. If there are small kids attending they usually get ONE present before we eat... we are not mean like that haha

After that we watch some tv and talk :)

sometimes If we are a bit more than the nearest family we will not give presents to the grown ups, but then we will play a christmas package game, where you buy really funny crappy gifts and play for them, and then when all the gift are taken its time to "steal" from each other until the time is up =)

So how do you guys spend christmas? 

Many christmas hugs

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  1. Hi thats such a nice blog post. I also open my presents on christmas eve and then me and my family go to midnight mass and then the next day I wake up and my parents are making christmas lunch which is always Barbeque (cause im Australian) and I love the smell of it and then more family comes over after lunch thats basically my christmas tradition

  2. Great Xmas post! :) I usually spend my Christmas with my family all working in our family shop ^^ and then we eat and drink and sell and laugh until midnight then... presents! :D

  3. Khloe: Omg that is so cool to have a barbeque..I would so do that if the weather was with us lol

    Daphyin: What kind of shop is it? It sounds so nice =D