søndag den 11. december 2011

A day in the woods

Yesterday my bf,  his family and I went to my dad in law's forrest/wood (what is the right term guys?), to pick a christmas tree.
The first question I got was... What kind of tree do you want? my thoughts were ehm a green one lol, but instead I just said a chubby one. I ain't supermodel size so why should my tree be... I wanted a cute little chubby one =D
Anyways here is a couple of pictures from my day

That is our tree =D

My man with our tree and with the very handsome dog Ricki

My dad in laws christmas tree plantage... so cute and look how small they are

And the boss is at work lol

My handsome guy is getting attacked by Ricki and Sam.. they want to be petted 

How beautiful is this =D

My family in law 

Oh and when we were walking around in the forrest it started to snow, how christmassy is that =D
It was a perfect day that went by too fast

So what do you guys have... a fake tree or a real tree?
Hope your weekend was good

2 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful post!
    it is amazing your are harvesting your own Christmas tree.
    every year, i see tree stand outside of my apartment building but i never got one since my apt is tiny. maybe this year i will get a small one. i'd smell so good! :)

  2. What a fun post! This is the only think I would like about xmas if we did that kinda thing here. Looks like you had fun :)