lørdag den 3. december 2011

Review: Lancôme Bi-facil eye make-up remover

Bi-facil is an award winning make-up remover, that gently wipes away your makeup without having troubles rubbing it in and off. You simply shake the bi-facil to activate the bi-phase formular and off you go, it even removes waterproof mascara good.

A test sample I was given a while back

Me with makeup on. It was a holiday party look and yes I slept in it... bad I know, but to make some kind of excuse I got home late, was a wee bit tipsy and yeah....
The makeup was actually a lot heavier looking than I could capture on the picture

a little Bi-facil goes a long way... that was one eye

Me without make up in the early morning lol

Would I recommend this product? YES! I know its a bit pricey but it really does work, and I know I will be buying it soon. 
The thing I like about this product is that it is so gentle to sensitive skin, and trust me mine is, and before you know it you are pretty much done getting all that makeup off.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow! It seems that it works really well!
    I need a new makeup remover soon.

  2. It really does... I hope it helped =)

  3. Hey it really wiped your eyes clean. i 'll sure try this since i apply a lot of kohl n dread pigmenting my eye area.thanks for sharing