søndag den 11. december 2011

Weekend haul #1

This weekend I kinda went crazy - I was in a serious shopping mood (and trust me that is dangerous), so besides christmas gifts i kinda somehow ended up with a few things for myself =)

Your shape fitness evolved 2012 xbox 360 game

White t-shirt from H&M

How cute are the sleeves =)

A beanie 

Two pack - Tanktops 

Okay how cute are these socks... yes when I think socks are cute something is wrong with me lol

Leg warmes - Im a wuss and Im easily getting cold so yeah =)

I do have to say that the socks and leg warmers I got from my boyfriend... my wallet was crying and I think he felt bad for me...

I hope you guys like my little haul

5 kommentarer:

  1. these socks from H&M are so lovely. Can I borrow them?
    nice pics!

  2. Lol your wallet was crying! Such a good line, I am trying that on my bf!!hahah
    Great haul'! Hey I always think my skull socks or checkered socks are cute! It's normal I think.
    That Xbox game looks great!i don't know if I could bring myself to buying the kinnect part but maybe if they game is amazing,let me know!
    Great shopping haul!!

  3. My wallet is crying too. Soo many stuff I bought this month ;__;. I love the toque and the socks! :D

  4. I'm the same way when it comes to shopping! I have that white shirt from h&m in a grey. I love the socks! great haul!

  5. Beatrice: come on over and you can borrow a pair lol

    Taygan: you should have heard my little wallet - oh it was feeling so bad haha... if that doesn't work on the bf its time for the puppy dog eyeslol

    Confetti_hearts: Lol yeah its bad when it cries. Thank you =D

    Lovelyladyjb: Yes the grey was pretty I looked at too, but it wasn't in my size :(