tirsdag den 27. december 2011

Christmas haul

To be honest I didn't have any plans on doing this, but now I have seen several posts about what people got for christmas and thought I wanted to share what I got too lol :)
Oh and I am sorry for the picture quality - such crappy light I have grrr

Anyways I got an OBH Nordica non stick casarole 5 L, from my mom and stepdad... I had my eye on this for a long time, it was just a bit too pricy for me, so yay I got it now

Then I got a Jamie Oliver Sauté pan from my bf's grandma... Who doesn't love jamie Oliver. I so had a crush on him a long time ago lol

Giftcard to pieces from my in laws, it can also be used at their online store Pieces.com

Earrings from my cousin that she made herself 

A spinning jewelry ring from my sister in law

Then I got a bit of money from some other family members, and last but not least a weekend getaway - my own choice from my lovely boyfriend

What did you guys get? Im curious =D

Hope your christmas was rocking

4 kommentarer:

  1. oh i love jamie oliver, too! lol
    i am expecting 2 pairs of swarovski bella earrings but they hanve't made it here, yet. ;)

  2. Super nice haul! I didn't really get too much for Christmas but that's totally fine for me :3 Hope you had a good Christmas!

  3. Yes I think most ppl like Jamie :)
    Cute ring and earrings!! I hope you had a good Xmas!

  4. Lena: you have to take pics when they come =D

    Confetti_hearts : Its not about how much you get, its the thought that counts =D my christmas was good hope yours was too.

    Taygan: Mine was good and relaxing hope yours was good as well =D