lørdag den 17. december 2011

Im a mom!!!

A couple of days ago my bf and I finally got our little family extended from two to four.

Let me tell you guys about the twins lol

It's a boy and a girl
They each weigh 4,9 ounces (140 g)
Height: 4,5 inches (115,2 mm)

and now for a picture of the twins

Aren't they precious?

We have yet to figure out names for the twins so If guys have any suggestion please feel free to share them lol


The Iphones are cool and I can't wait to use mine (the girl), but sadly we haven't received our new sim card from the phone company yet so we cant use them baaah
I hate getting new toys I can't play with - yes Im 24 and I just said that lol

I promise my bf and I will take good care of the little ones... we are even on the lookout for some cool clothes (covers) for them.

The reason we choose the iphone is because we had the 3g one and thought it was time for an upgrade and on top of that we are hardcore mac users so they sync with our computers and that is awesome

Hope your weekend is going great

3 kommentarer:

  1. Lol! Just make sure not to drop them!

  2. Bahah that is awesome I totally thought it was a pet or something :D
    iPhones r the best!!!! Enjoy the newer one!