søndag den 4. december 2011

Late new yorker haul

So once again I want to share a little new yorker haul with you guys. 
I really wish you could buy this stuff online... It would make my life so much easier lol

My new favorite christmas necklace 

A sweater size s

Leggings (on sale) size s

I also bought a purple bra, but im not gonna show that =)

And then I got this cool looking shirt for my bf

6 kommentarer:

  1. Wow beautiful necklace! :) great clothing haul!!! ^^


  2. hi , i love the stuff that you bought, i love your blog and i think that your really talented
    please take a loook at my blog

  3. Yeah the necklace is my favorite =P

    Addie: Thank you so much. You have a new follower ;)

  4. I love love love that necklace!

    I'd love if you could come check out my Winter Giveaway!

    xo Madison Theresa

  5. nice haul, that necklace is so cute!!