torsdag den 29. juli 2010

update on it's my birthday... and photo blog

Well hello again

So it was not the plan to write another blog today but I wanted to be fair.. My boyfriend's family came by (unexpected I might add) with gifts... first his grandma came by with a beautiful Orchid, some chocolate and a pretty card.. then after she left, my boyfriend's mother came by with some gifts - art stuff and yes another card... Im not saying this to brag its just my way of showing them respect and saying that Im so grateful and thankful for them for letting me be a part of that family and making me feel so welcome.

The cards I got
The chocolate
The artsy stuff
The beautiful orchid

Anyways Im gonna show some pics from these last couple of days just to keep you up to date

In Tivoli.. 2 days before moving day - yup me on the pic getting a bit tipsy lol
Getting ready for the big move/ Moving day

The grill master and his special helper lol

Hope you're all good and still enjoying your day

Love, Mie

My birthday yay :D

Hi everyone

I hope you are all good and enjoying the last bit of summer that is left.
Im at the moment trying to work out outside instead of sweating indoor like a pig, there are so many things / different workouts you can do outside that really BURNS!!!
Anyways Im finally sorta settled here in the new place.. unpacked all the boxes and plastic bags. I have to be honest I still miss my "old" home in copenhagen but Im not complaining cause I really love the nature, and Im getting to learn a lot of things :)
So yeah Im turning 23 today big day some might say but I don't really care for birthdays. Its just a reminder that Im getting older and somehow everything always end up wrong on that day... but still trying to be a positive girl
The day has been really laid back (by my request), me and my guy went out for lunch and now when he is playing that new computer game Starcraft 2, I thought I would pop in and say hi.
Oh so cool I got a present from the body shop (or they gave me the right to choose myself). I picked an aloe vera face creme and it is really good.
I also got a keyboard holder (not sure what its called but that thing that holds the instrument) and a lot of guitar strings for my guitar (named Elvis btw)
And best of all I got a lot of greetings... that means a lot to me...

The creme from Body Shop

The keyboard holder.. and strings are on elvis
A sweet card from my mom
Anyways enjoy the rest of the day and talk to you soon... Bye :D

torsdag den 22. juli 2010

quick blog

So this is just a quick blog to say hi and say yes im still alive lol
So today is the official moving day and god im nervous for everything.. I still need a couple of small things to pack but I will get there...
We plan to drive at 18.00 cause my guy have to watch tour de france first. On top of the whole moving thing I also have to go to the hospital today so aaarrg way to go to make me more nervous
To be honest Im pretty sad about the moving thing... mainly because its such a big step to take. This place Im staying at now has been my home for almost 23 years so yeah BIG step, but also exciting.. lets not forget that. Im moving in with the guy I love, moving to a new city and stating a new chapter in my life.

Take care

mandag den 12. juli 2010

A quick "photo" update

Its been forever and day since i've been on here and im sorry.

At the moment Im busy packing stuff (and throwing stuff out)... the official moving day is 22th july (aka this month) so I have a lot of stuff to do... I also try to squeeze some vacation time in just so everything doesn't end up in slavery lol

The moving/packing part is a bit emotional for me at this point cause I don't have that full support system around me... my best friend is in Japan and my boyfriend lives on the other side of the country... I knowthey both are trying to help me as much as they can and Im really thankful for that, its just hard I guess...

Anyways Im still working out (in this heat)and I lost some pounds yay..

Im gonna "leave" you with some pics that I took while I was driving around the country with my boyfriend and his family (I can't drive... but yeah he did lolol) :D

This picture was taken after my bf took me to see Eclipse... we just felt like going for a late night drive and I took some pics of it... im only gonna show you this one... But it was so amazing to see the citylights on the highest hill in that town. I have to admit that I thought it was really romantic.. I was such a girl when he held my hand and always made sure I was okay.. cause we were trying to find the way up the hill in the dark lol

These next couple of pics were taken

in Ribe... I have to say that it's by far the most romantic, sweet and amazing town i've visited.. my guy showed me around there.. we saw Ribe domkirke (the church - google it I dare ya ;), some very cool fish and we found this amazing little place to eat... it was beyond amazing

And lastly these pictures were taken at Givskud Zoo.. it was a good time.. just way to hot for me :)

I hope you're all good and enjoying the summer

-Stay motivated