torsdag den 29. juli 2010

update on it's my birthday... and photo blog

Well hello again

So it was not the plan to write another blog today but I wanted to be fair.. My boyfriend's family came by (unexpected I might add) with gifts... first his grandma came by with a beautiful Orchid, some chocolate and a pretty card.. then after she left, my boyfriend's mother came by with some gifts - art stuff and yes another card... Im not saying this to brag its just my way of showing them respect and saying that Im so grateful and thankful for them for letting me be a part of that family and making me feel so welcome.

The cards I got
The chocolate
The artsy stuff
The beautiful orchid

Anyways Im gonna show some pics from these last couple of days just to keep you up to date

In Tivoli.. 2 days before moving day - yup me on the pic getting a bit tipsy lol
Getting ready for the big move/ Moving day

The grill master and his special helper lol

Hope you're all good and still enjoying your day

Love, Mie

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