torsdag den 29. juli 2010

My birthday yay :D

Hi everyone

I hope you are all good and enjoying the last bit of summer that is left.
Im at the moment trying to work out outside instead of sweating indoor like a pig, there are so many things / different workouts you can do outside that really BURNS!!!
Anyways Im finally sorta settled here in the new place.. unpacked all the boxes and plastic bags. I have to be honest I still miss my "old" home in copenhagen but Im not complaining cause I really love the nature, and Im getting to learn a lot of things :)
So yeah Im turning 23 today big day some might say but I don't really care for birthdays. Its just a reminder that Im getting older and somehow everything always end up wrong on that day... but still trying to be a positive girl
The day has been really laid back (by my request), me and my guy went out for lunch and now when he is playing that new computer game Starcraft 2, I thought I would pop in and say hi.
Oh so cool I got a present from the body shop (or they gave me the right to choose myself). I picked an aloe vera face creme and it is really good.
I also got a keyboard holder (not sure what its called but that thing that holds the instrument) and a lot of guitar strings for my guitar (named Elvis btw)
And best of all I got a lot of greetings... that means a lot to me...

The creme from Body Shop

The keyboard holder.. and strings are on elvis
A sweet card from my mom
Anyways enjoy the rest of the day and talk to you soon... Bye :D

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