mandag den 14. maj 2012

My not so active weekend

Okay to be honest my weekend hasn't been filled with a lot of activities, I've mostly stayed indoors just to play computer.
I was lucky enough to get a beta key to a game called the secret world - If you like dan brown books and solving mysteries this a game for you.
Im not joking when I say my bf and I used about 5 hours to solve a Illuminati quest.

So far I am LOVING this game and I can't wait till it is being released in june.

I also happen to have a beta key to the family guy online game, and OMG this game cracks me up.
I am a family guy lover so this is a perfect game for me as well - I love all the armpit farts and stuff you can do in the game.

Btw Beta means testing out a game before it is released - well it doesn't have to be a game but in this case it is.

I will be doing videos on both games in the near future so if you want to subscribe to my gaming channel that would be awesome

Hope your Monday has been a good one.

Xoxo Mie

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