lørdag den 18. juni 2011

yay for the weekend

Hello all
Just wanted to say sorry for not writing as much this week but its been super busy at work.
I might not write as much as I like these coming weeks, but I have NOT forgotten about this blog...
It is saturday early in the morning, I think im gonna get ready to go to the gym and then later do some shopping.
I've been thinking about buying some tix for a concert but im not sure yet so im not gonna spill who it is yet.
yesterday was an amazing day. I had a bit of fun at work, went to the gym and was super hardcore, then i got home and had a cute date night with my boyfriend. 
We made great food together and then watched the movie confessions of a shopaholic. Such a cute girly movie.. I might buy that one on blueray soon

Anyways Enjoy your weekend and talk to you guys soon


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