lørdag den 2. juli 2011

new handbag yay

Hiya everyone
Hope your weekend is amazing so far and you are enjoying it.
As you all know (those who read my blog) i've been working my butt of at work for some time now and thats why Im kinda slacking on the whole blogging thing.
But I haven't forgotten about blogger I still read a lot of blogs everyday and gets inspired for new stuff.
So today I was out enjoying the rain lol.. yeah the sun decided it wants to hide away for a bit - thank god my vacation hasn't started yet or I would have been pissed. Anyways I went in to this store called Mark (it sells clothes and accessories) to look for a bag I've been looking at for some time, but I couldn't find it, so as bummed out I was about that, as happy I was cause I noticed a new bag my boyfriend actually found believe it or not, and I ended up buying it.

I know it looks small but my macbook pro 13,3" fits perfectly in it plus a lot of other junk
The bag is from http://www.friis-co.dk/, and I absolutely love their stuff, and love the cute sayings they have on my bag

It also has a cute saying inside my bag, but I will wait to show you guys that until I make a whats in my purse/bag blog or video

Remember to smile and enjoy your day


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