lørdag den 30. juli 2011

Amazing day part 2

Sorry this part is a bit overdue :)
Well anyways here is part two of my amazing day I had. (if you haven't read the first then click here :) )
After the bf and I was in the limestone caves we drove to Randers so we could se the "rain forest" that everyone is talking about, that you have to see.

It was a great trip and I can understand why people want to see it, my only complaints is that its to small and too freaking hot... jeez the sweat was dripping of me

So here are the pictures from Randers rain forest 

I thought this was so pretty so I had to take a picture of it

Bad ass

Skulls are cool - said in a non creepy way

He said that the snake was friendly yeah right it bit him after that

This was a cool fish.. too bad I couldn't take a better picture of it

I seriously thought this dude was dead and kept saying oh my god its dead... but I guess thats just the way they chill

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