søndag den 29. august 2010

random random

Just a small clip of my boyfriend singing in the car while driving... it's nice to have someone you can laugh with

On another note... I was out working out yesterday, and I did some "special" squats and all of the sudden my knee wasn't feeling it, so I ended up flat on the road crying and couldn't get up.. I called my boyfriend and he came and helped me get up and home safely.
But as you probably guess there was no working out for me today... I can't even walk so yeah..
Anyways my guy was truly amazing yesterday... I never (and I do mean never) had anyone take care of me like he did... 
Oh and btw look at this awesome homemade burger and fries he made for us.

Anyways that is it for today
Hope you guys are good and enjoying your sunday :)

Love, Mie

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