torsdag den 19. juli 2012


School: Its been forever since I have last been in school, and I am kinda starting to get nervous now that its less than a month till I start. I have always been a loner for some reason (probably because im a quiet girl), so yeah I hope it turns out good :)

Vacation: This vacation to be honest is not gonna be on my top 5 to remember, nothing has gone as planed. My bf and I was supposed to go camping this summer but the weather has been so bad it is ridiculous. The plan was to travel around denmark and see a lot of stuff and then blog it to you guys but oh well maybe next year?

Getting old: Next sunday I am turning 25... I honestly dont know how I feel about that... I dont feel like im 25, more like 23 or something. I guess its true that time runs fast and we have to make every minute count before its all over.

Nike fuelband: This is such a cool gadget - a must have if you are a fitness freak. Unfortunately you cant buy it in denmark yet, but as soon as it hits stores I will be there.

Love: Love these days are great.. Is it even possible that you can love someone even more almost 3 years after we begun dating? I am not gonna jinx it so I wont write more about that ;)

I am gonna leave you guys with this little quote

xoxo Mie

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