tirsdag den 17. juli 2012


So I thought I wanted to share a small haul with stuff I've had laying around (still new though)
Its been a while since i've posted a haul so I hope its okay :)

First of I bought two things from wet n wild... a nail polish called I need a refresh-mint and then an eyeshadow palette called Petal pusher. I haven't tried any of these things yet, but if you guys want a small review let me know in the comments.

Then I got some cute flowers for myself yay

And I accidentally bought some cute candles... ups lol
The pink one is a scented candle - The scent is rose (not as strong as the usual ones... I like that)

Then i got some gear for when I start school. Seriously how freaking cool are the erasers? They are so me

My babies - I had to have these shoes. The picture doesn't do them justice - Think royal blue shoes

And a new running sweater - I need it for this summer weather. The sun here in denmark is kinda playing hide and seek

So this is my little haul.
Have you guys tried the wet n wild stuff i got? and do you like it?
Anywhozzle hope you guys are doing great

Xoxo Mie

2 kommentarer:

  1. Lots of great things! Those shoes are absolutely perfect! I am super jealous! Loving the colours in that wet n' wild palette as well!

    1. The shoes are to die for... it was instant love :D yeah the palette looks really good, I cant wait to try it out later today woop