tirsdag den 9. august 2011

weird mini haul :)

Here are some picture of my mini haul
Sorry about the picture quality it was taken during the evening so its a bit dark.

Straws - I loved the purple and black ones so I had to get them

Crafty stuff - 'cause sometimes I like being a bit artsy

Notepad, I also got a bigger one but forgot to take a picture of that

Ring from a department store. Picture does not do it justice.

A blouse (size s) from Gina Tricot on sale for about 29 danish krones

A top (size s) from Only, can't remember what I paid

And that was that... a cute weird mini haul.

Hope your week is going well


2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my gosh I love this haul! The straws are so random but I love them, it is something I would for sure buy!! I love the pink and black :) I have a pack of dark blue and light blue in my pantry right now but yours are soo much nicer lol. Great stuff! I love everything :)

  2. thank you.. yeah I couldn't help myself with those straws lol...
    Uhh but the blues are nice too