søndag den 28. august 2011

My new babies

I have always love Chuck Taylor all star converse shoes (pheww long name), and have had a couple of them, and a lot of fakes. The originals has always been worn till they were completely dead with big holes and you name it... The shoes are pretty pricey here in Denmark so when you have them you USE them.
Well today I finally got myself a new pair of chucks... they were on sale and my bf talked me into getting them, and the best part is that they are purple

it was instant love when I saw them haha

Other then that the weekend has been nice and quiet.. been playing a computer game (rift), drawing and writing.
Oh exciting news I get my first elf package tomorrow yay

Hope you had a great weekend

4 kommentarer:

  1. I need to invest in some converse! Ooh what did you order from elf? I indulged in the half price sale too haha x

  2. Shanice: I honestly can't remember what I ordered cause I ordered twice from elf haha

    Beautybykimi : Thank you =D

  3. I love them!!!! Super rad =D