onsdag den 17. august 2011

The sweetest gift ever

Not so long ago (a few hours ago to be exact) I got the sweetest and cutest belated birthday gift that you could only wish for.
What is better on a boring wednesday than this

A lovely birthday card thing on danish 

Intensiv Shea handcream

Salt soap thingy with clay

Aroma bath salt

Aroma rose massage oil

I am so looking forward to be using this, in one of these upcoming weekends - pure relaxing weekend.
Oh and the basket the stuff was in was really nice to, I am so gonna find use for that later on ;)
Thanks to Helene, Lucas, moster & onkel Peter (my family)

Have a nice wednesday 

Much love

6 kommentarer:

  1. All of this! Wow such a cute package! :) so lucky!
    happy birthday BTW girl!! :D


  2. Aww thank you.. you are so sweet :D

    Yeah that was my first thought.. aww so cute :D
    Hope you're good


  3. Very lovely gift wish I got one of those xD!!

    I must say that its awesome that you watch V. I watch it too, and yes it was disappointing that they cut it off =(. I want to follow you but I don't see a button anywhere? O__O

  4. Hi Maria

    Thats weird you cant follow me:S I do have a follow button where my followers are on the right side

  5. Ooo all that looks sooo nice :) great gifts!!! Happy late birthday girlie =D