lørdag den 20. august 2011

Songs stuck in my head

We all know it and we all've tried it - stupid songs that just keeps popping up lol
I thought I wanted to share some of mine since I had one of these stuck in my head today. I have a few more but this is it for now :D

Madagascar - I like to move it.
This one is so bad having stuck up there... this is the one that visit me the most haha

Its usually the danish version thats stuck in my head but I couldn't find it. The odd thing is that I haven't seen this cartoon since I was little and I still remember the song

Heath ledger - Can't take my eyes off you
I know there is a lot of version out there but this is my favorite, next up is muse's version =D

Rascal flatts - Life is a highway
This is a newcomer... I heard it on the radio and I didn't know who it was that was singing it and I kept on singing all night looong, over and over again. I asked my boyfriend if he knew the song ( again I only remembered all night long) and he looked at me if I was a total idiot haha... after a week or so it came on the radio again and I finally figured it out... so every time all night long in the chorus comes on I am so the loudest in the room

Have a happy saturday


3 kommentarer:

  1. I love your choice! These songs are just epic and every century heard them! :) BTW thanks for commenting on my blog!


  2. Haha now I am going to get move it move it stuck in my head!!

  3. Haha thanks daphYin

    Taygan : yeah I had the same problem after I made this blog