mandag den 29. august 2011

2011 Vma's best outfits

I have yet to watch the 2011 Mtv video music award, but have been glued to all the gossip sites this morning to look at outfits.
This is some of my favorite ones.

I like how Jojo dares to be different. I don't think I would wear it out, but for a show like that it's perfect

Selena Gomez - I like that this is a bit edgy

Zoe Saldana 

Demi Lovato - This dress fits her perfectly

Demi & Selena

Beyoncé Knowles - How beautiful is she here, you can so see the glow

Britney Spears. She is looking really pretty and happy here - the only thing I dislike is her shoes

Katy Perry. She is not afraid to show who she is and I LOVE it

Taylor Lautner... He is looking FINE

Did you guys see the vma's?


5 kommentarer:

  1. I haven't seen them yet, how gorgeous does Beyonce look though?!x

  2. Yeah she is really pretty and the color looks so good on her

  3. I haven't seen the VMA's either but I have seen some pictures and I love the ones you chose. I really don't like being negative but for some reason Selena's dress looks like a sexy Vampire costume for Halloween. Is it just my imagination or do you see what I mean? Selena's got a great figure so she can carry anything off. I agree that Britney could have chosen more flattering shoes -but she's looking fabulous otherwise! And Beyonce looks amazing even though she's really covered up - she really is glowing and the colour of her outfit really compliments her!

  4. I agree with you about Briteny's shoes, but she still looks gorgeous, as does everyone really!

  5. OMG I like a lot the outfits (Beyonce and Katie; totally diferent).. but Britney eewk (DISLIKE) I prefer Adele's outfit (she's big size but gorgeous with style) In my opinion (: