onsdag den 10. august 2011

Wishlist wednesday

I haven't really heard of wishlist wednesday before earlier today when I saw a blog about it.. yes I am so late on this wagon I know, but better later than never right?
So let me get started

1) elf cosmetic products. Im still not sure if I should order from elf, cause I haven't tried that site yet. One thing that I have my eye on is the stippling brush... the make up looks really good too

2) diesels fuel for life unlimited perfume 

3) Essie nail polish

4) clothes from online-mode.dk
A webshop I use a lot. I love the clothes

And thats about it for now :)

What do you think about the products.. can you recommend it or should I go in another direction? :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. I'm considering ordering from elf too, everyone seems to say good things about them :)

  2. Yeah I've noticed that too, so maybe we should give elf a try :D

  3. Definately order from Elf girls if yous are worrying about reciveing your products i order from Ireland regularly and i am never disappointed !
    Thanks for following me its so nice to have another new followed <3 xx

  4. I would really love to try ELF too as many have said that it's not that bad and in addition it's cheap! Don't think you'd regret to buy ELF brushes. I even know makeup artists using this brand.


  5. I think it is worth it to order from Elf, I just made my first order and I am really happy with it... I don't use much high end so muabe that's why I looked it? But the brushes were really nice!
    I also like ordering clothes online sometimes :) oh and I never heard of wish list Wednesday, now I'm the one who's late on this too lol

  6. @Evilnymphstuff :wow then elf must be good.. Im pretty sure im gonna try it :D

    @TaYgAn: i think im pretty convinced now lol... yeah I dont use high end either.. its simply to pricey for me at the moment.
    Haha.. well if you do a wishlist wednesday, im sure I would read it. Love your blog