onsdag den 26. juni 2013

Whassup wednesday: A quick update

Hey guys.

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but a lot has happened (I feel like that is always the excuse). As you know I've moved to a new city and have been living here for almost a month. It has really been great getting new furniture, settling in and discover amazing stuff.
But this month has also been tough cause I started having a bad toothache when we moved here, so I went to the dentist, and he said I had to have a root canal treatment. Well it's been a month this week and he still hasn't closed my tooth and it hurts so bad, therfore I haven't been posting wednesday workouts like I normally do. Everytime I do something and the blood is pumping, it hurts like a b****
But I promise I will be back with workout posts as soon as I can. I really do try my best, but I am not going to post a workout routines unless I will be able to do it myself, I hope you guys understand.

On another note, I think I know what I want to be (when I grow up lol), and now I just have to steer my way through it.
I thought about an education in multimedia graphics. I love to draw and be creative, so why not take the chance right? The sad part is that it is too late to apply so I am looking for jobs at the moment, and that kinda sucks because not a lot of people are hiring.
I am thinking about selling some drawings of mine, making stickers etc. I started an Etsy shop, but I haven't put anything up yet, I want to make sure it's the right site for me to sell my stuff on.

Sorry for my little rant :)

I hope you guys understand


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